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Dear Friends,

To become member of the ICAI is our ultimate aim. All of us have the potential to become CA, but all of us not becoming CA are the most pathetic scenario. Some may left without writing exam while some others were after clearing any one of the group some others were at the stage of final.


Mind is the driver for the body. Borne in mind that you are entered in to a professional course. Take very serious about the course. unless you take the course as serious, you cannot put the good effort towards the study.

Some have this level of seriousness only at the beginning of the course and lost control over the middle of the course and becoming serious during the last moment of the exam and fails, after that learning the lesson after completion of exam. Ultimately the results comes fails and losing self confidence. Please check if you are this kind of behavior.


Planning is the pre determinant   Course of Acton. Planning need to be done by taking in to account your time of exam whether it is for your May -11 exam or Nov 11 exam.

Writing both group and single group, routine study time, Best reference books, coaching, etc will cover your planning area. All the above factors were subjective and applicable on case to case basis, depends upon the strength and weakness of the students.

Those who taking wise decision in the above aspect can clear their exam without wasting the further time. But a wrong decision  in the above area results in the failure.

Please do take care of your inherent strength and weakness  in the planning stage. A weaker students must need to work more than a brilliant students.


Giving your soul and body for CA course.  The students have desire to become CA but at the same time they were not willing to forgo their comfort zone. No Pain and no gain theory.

In the Olympic games the difference between winners and looser have the difference of few seconds. Some were practicing for 16 hours, sleeping just for 4 hours and finding the time for personal needs for just 4 hours.

But you need not work for 16 hours for qualifying CA. just 8 hours routine study is more than enough.7 hours sleep and remaining time with your boss for doing the articlship.

Even if you working 9 hours with your CA boss also not taking the much difficult for you for cracking the course.


Smart work along with the hard work will make the  difference .  Understand what you read, make it point wise in a note books , Revise periodically etc will cover in this area.

It is recommended to write chapter wise exam and self evaluation own your self.


Students attending the coaching class and limited only to coaching class materials. In CA exam, the question may be surprise and challenging. For facing such a situation, you must need to study in a challenging manner.

Don’t over depends on coaching, all the students all the papers coaching are not really warranted. If you feel a particular paper is much difficult, first find more time for that subject from your side. If you cannot handle own your own go for coaching.


If you analyse the past 5 to 6 attempts questions, you can get a series of repeated questions , exam trend pattern. This is required for cracking the course.


Wishing you all the best



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