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Dear Member,


This is my first article (ab itna kuchha CCI se liya hai to return bhi to karna padega). Let’s come to the point i.e. our topic “attitude towards exam”: -


°   PLANNING  - The most imp part. Why planning-

1.   To pass

2.   To keep yr self feet

3.   To compete

4.   To enhance knowledge

5.   To test ourselves

6.   To learn working under pressure

7.   To learn importance of working in relation

  “IF YOU FAILED TO PLAN U HAVE PLANNED TO FAIL”(pata nahi kisne kaha hai but sahi kaha hai)


°  WORKING  - Ab plan banane ke baad action to lena hi  padega na,  n I must say hum log plan to bahut bade bade banate hai but implement….(we all know)

1.   Please implement yr plan(sm me padha hi hoga relation between strategic formulation n implementation)

2.   Keep yr self fresh

3.   Cheerful mood

4.    Meeting people/family

5.   Friends discussion (only study related please)

6.   Written practice

7.   Read loudly (bhale hi baju wala disturb ho jaye)

8.   Practice by dummy exam

9.   Short note for high time (before 1 day of exam)



  plan to ban gaya but kya kare time hi nahi milta…(bahut hi purana or ghisa pita bahana hai). So manage yr time

1.   Scarify (I will deal it in next point)

2.   Paper gap wise time mgt.

3.   Hard sub – more days

4.   Hard sub – closer to exam

5.   Time table- day wise (even hour wise)

6.   Save time (yar dosto se 4 ki jagah 2 baate kar lena,ab CA  karana hai to itna “tyag” to karna hi padega:))

°  SACRIFY – Kuchha pane ke liye kuchha khona to padta hai na…

1.   Cell phone

2.   T.V.

3.   Computer

4.   Movies

5.   Laziness


°  THE FIGHT   - identify yr strength

1.   Physical  - be fit ( fit hai to hit hai)

2.   Mental  - be relax, don’t be nerves

3.   Spiritual  -meditation n chanting (it ‘ll really increase yr confidence level)

4.   Family  - family ki importance to aap log jante hi hai

°  FINAL BETTLE  -It’s a WWE championship {john cena (student side b’coz he always win;)) Vs. undertaker/khali/etc.}

1.   Exam instrumentlike entrance card, pen etc. should be ready (exam centre  me  ja kar rone ka kya fayada;()

2.   Reach before time

3.   Don’t read till last moment

4.   Don’t discuss unnecessarily

5.   Read Q paper fully

6.   Allocate time to each Q

7.   Art of giving   ans (I think ankur bhaiya ka article best hai)

8.   Give your ans sheet after checking


          Then go to home, next paper ki preparation bhi to karni hai.

Pls give yr valuable comments n suggestions (aap log rude comments bhi de sakte hai ,b’coz I believe jab koi aapko criticize kare it means progress ho rahi hai:P)




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