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Oh no! It's Monday again!

I woke up with the same thought. Why this Monday comes so soon, why don't we have two Sundays in a week, why can't Monday be a half day at workplace. Err!! Whatever it's finally Monday. I started with my daily grind which includes a 45 minute's walk to a nearby park. The mondayish feeling was continuously hitting my mind and I was walking lazily completing each round which usually took 3 minutes to complete but today it was taking more than 5 minutes to complete it.

Why I was so sad? Why I was feeling so lazy?

Is it because it's Monday and I had to go to office or because I am scared to face the different situations at office or it's because of the fear that my Auditor would scold me on my mistakes? Am I taking articleship as granted? Or I am doing it because it is included by ICAI and its compulsory to do it and not with an intention to learn something.

How can I forget those hardships and work which I had to do to clear my IPCC exams so that I could start my Articleship!!

Then why I was unhappy?

The saddening thoughts reduced my walkability and I was walking slowly. Suddenly my phone vibrated. I took it out of my pocket expecting a thoughtful message which I get regularly around the same time. I unlocked the screen and the message opened with the heading 'Thought of the day and it read as - Time never comes with a tag of 'Good' or 'Bad', It's You who have to decide and 'Move on'!! The message ended with a happy and a sad emotion. After reading the message a bewildered look occupied my face. I was surprised how the thought exactly match-up with my situation on that day. Suddenly all the negative thoughts which were irritating me till then changed into positive vibrations.

I felt like the message had an answer to all my questions and confusions which I was facing that morning. I kissed the screen of my cell phone in happiness and thought of answering all the questions and getting out of dilemma. In this continuously progressing world we always strive to find out our own place. We run day and night to earn our own bread, to earn respect in the society and to lead a luxurious and a happy life. Some choose to become a Doctor while some other works hard to become a Chartered accountant.

Some choose to become an engineer while some others choose to become an entrepreneur or a teacher or according to their own interests and aims. Though there are different fields chosen the ultimate objective is to get settled, to find out their own place in this world. Out of all the different streams, selecting a perfect stream which would take you to great heights is not a cake walk. One has to be aware of their own abilities and strengths. A life as a professional may earn you a good living and prestige but its not a bed of roses unless you step into the shoes and give your best. We try to find out shortcuts to settle ourselves soon but how can we forget that there is no substitute to hard work.

How can we call ourselves as Professional's by just clearing few exams?

A Professional is an expert who is master in a specific field.

How can you call yourselves a Master without possessing that expertise?

Theoretical knowledge alone cannot make you an expert nor can practical knowledge. Both theoretical and practical knowledge will take you to the top. Possessing Practical knowledge might be tough or challenging but we CA students can easily possess it because ICAI has made it very simple for us by including Articleship. The 3 years of articleship might be long and challenging for us but obviously it takes time and perfection to cut and design a diamond but after it is done it has an amazing value than before and the same is with CA students.

The first ever question when you hear the word Articleship is "What is Articleship?" frankly speaking most of the student who gave their CA-CPT without knowing what all is there in this ARTICLESHIP. Here's the solution to all your queries.

So what is Aticleship?

An articled clerk, also known as an articling student, is an apprentice in a professional firm; generally the term arises in the accountancy and legal professions. The articled clerk signs a contract, known as "articles of clerkship", committing to a fixed period of employment. Article as a 'verb' means bind (a trainee solicitor, architect, surveyor or accountant) to undergo a period of training with a firm in order to become qualified". Basically, these professions require more of practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge to deliver with expertise. So, students need to undergo such training for a specific period of time.It can also be understood as a give and take relationship. The student's attitude changes towards the work and the principal gets his work done at low cost from the article. Under the Present Scheme of Education & Training three years of articleship training has been designed to strike a balance between theoretical education and practical training.

The unique requirement of practical training is instrumental in shaping a well-rounded professional to ensure that students have an opportunity to acquire on-the-job work experience of a professional nature. Such a practical training: Inculcates a disciplined attitude for hard work; Develops necessary skills in applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations; Provides exposure to overall socio-economic environment in which organizations operate; and Develops ethical values.

What does a student learn during the articleship training?

The student from the very first day to the last day of Articleship keeps on learning many things like.. As an article you learn to do audit of all kinds of organizations - Based on organization type like Sole proprietor, Private limited companies, Partnership firms, trusts, public limited companies etc. Based on different business forms like Retailers, Wholesalers, Chain stores, Manufacturers, Service providers, Traders, Consultants, Support Services, Maintenance services, Export oriented, etc. Based on different industries like IT, E-commerce, FMCG, Finance, Automobiles, Telecom, etc. Based on Tax benefits or special act companies like religious trusts enjoying benefits u/s 11 or 12, regulated companies like insurance, banking, etc. or may be companies in Special Economic Zones, etc. Core Knowledge = Practical Knowledge about areas your firm is operating in. You can't go out of the box in which your firm operates, but atleast you can learn everything that is in your box

You should learn about the office culture, how people dress, talk, meet and greet colleagues, seniors and clients. It is very important to observe how people form groups, how they make their juniors to work and seniors to help/guide. It is very important to notice, how others are keeping good relations with administrative staff i.e. HR, Clerks, etc. - something that is very helpful at times of problems. So basically learn the following things and many more which can't be listed out - How to properly document an Audit file? How to properly keep a permanent client record - both electronic & physical How printers, scanners, servers of your office, internet network, LAN systems, routers, biometrics, connections etc. work in your office.

How to use correct stationery correctly?

Like properly unpinning documents, or may be how to create sets for clients, income tax officers, registrars etc. How to draft covering letters, envelopes, request letters, etc. How the articleship training helps a student to become a perfect Professional? Articleship training transforms us completely from a layman to a thorough professional. It helps us to supplement our practical study. Theory can be well comprehended if we do out artcileship with passion and commitment. It moulds us into a better a person. With the help of sound knowledge base, we are able to apply our minds in complex situations.

We are able to think logically and in an organized way. Artilceship lays the perfect foundation for our future if used to the fullest. Handling pressure comes to us quite easily with work-study routine. It keeps us craving for more and more knowledge. Ability to handle multiple audits during statutory and tax audit season brings a tremendous amount of confidence and ability to take responsibility. During the training period we will face criticism in our work, but how we take those criticisms and convert them in to appreciations can be learnt during our articleship tenure.

Articleship training has a tremendous influence on our character formation. What we become in the future is, in most cases, a reflection of our initial training during articleship. We tend to carry forward the confidence, the communication skills, the knowledge, the values and the professionalism which we have acquired during this period into our future carrier roles. We also gain exposure to variety of audits such as statutory audits, tax audits, VAT audits, ABC audits, Audits U/s 12(a) Bank audits, PSU audits and the list just goes on and on. Along with this we gain exposure in certification, consulting, representation before income tax authorities and others.

During articleship we get an opportunity to interact with who's who of the industry such as CFO, CEO, Directors and employees at various levels in the organization. As we gradually proceed with our training, we learn on how to effectively communicate with others in a polite but firm manner. In a dynamic and fast changing environment, being up-to-date with latest changes in our field has become of prime importance. Ignorance of law cannot be an excuse.

Being professionals we must be accurate and sharp with the latest changes which can be gained through effective articleship training. Articlehsip develops leadership qualities. It also imparts the skill of being a team player and team work, the utmost requirements of today's corporate. It bestows upon us ethical practices, maintenance of integrity and strives for continuous professional development. Have you ever imagined how your carrier as a professional would have been without articleship?

Let's take few situations

The first day at office and if you were asked to prepare reports on Audit. How could you do that without proper experience .Articleship gives you that experience which helps you in long run.

How you would answer different clients for their queries?

It's obvious that not every client has knowledge in Accounts, tax computations as you have as a professional. Unknowingly you learn etiquettes to communicate with your superiors, clients and colleagues during your articleship. What would happen if you were late to an interview or on the first day to office or for attending some important meeting, Punctuality and regularity are the two best things we inculcate in those 3 years of training. As an article student you always manage between your office and classes. At the same time you meet your family commitments, you manage time with your friends and with all your near and dear ones.

Those things are not greatly noticed but secretly you learn how to manage your time well. What if you with your team were asked to complete an audit in a specified time? How would you do it if you don't know how to manage a team and if you don't know the importance of team work? If you never gather the courage to take the initiatives, you will slowly be pushed and finally fall. So start taking initiatives at work place.

Don't be scared that your auditor would scold you on your mistakes but gather the courage to accept the situation and learn from it and make sure you won't repeat it again. A teacher occupies a very special place in every student's heart. Some set goals for themselves and works hard to achieve while some others get inspired by someone. Our Principal becomes our first inspiration in the period of articleship. The knowledge we possess in the period of articleship is all because of him. So always respect your Principal as he is the one who is the main pillar which supports a huge building of knowledge.

Different levels in CA course teaches us different things and these are the hidden precious abilities which you are gifted with when you are in your articleship level. It is a platform for weak to become strong, a platform where there are several opportunities you need to grab to know your own abilities and strengths. ICAI has provided us with such a great platform and now the ball is in your court to decide whether to use it or to take it as granted. A sacrifice of 3 years is worth the happiness of 30 years. This is what we gain from the profession of Chartered Accountancy. The decision on whether you want to effectively utilize your articleship training is left to you.

So let us not waste this opportunity and try our best to make the most out of training offered by the Articleship, for our own benefit. A student who has done his/her articleship to the best of his abilities will always be one step ahead of one who has not done his/her articleship with same with passion and commitment.

Learning has no limits. It doesn't differentiate between smart or timid, rich or poor, young or old. It is only up to you that how interested you are to learn would take you to heights. Because when you are interested in something you give your best to do it. So set a new meaning of articleship at least from now because its never too late.

  • A - Accumulate knowledge.
  • R - Result of your IPCC hardships.
  • T - Time to upgrade yourselves.
  • I - Ideas get importance at work.
  • C - Chance to change dreams into reality.
  • L - Learn to take things in a right way.
  • E - Exposure to practical world.
  • S - Start taking initiatives at workplace.
  • H - High time to get serious about yourselves.
  • I - Implement what you have learnt.
  • P - Platform to shape yourselves in to the world you dreamt.

Articleship training not only helps you clear CA Final exams but also helps to build a handsome carrier. So start being dedicated in the period of articleship and possess the qualities of a real professional. Don't forget there is no substitute for hard work, and no substitute for articleship too. Keep learning and keep growing. Oops! Its 8:30 A.M and I am still walking. All these thoughts made me forget about time and I walked 30 minutes extra in happiness. And now I have to rush or I would be late to office.

Finally I feel like - Hurray!! It's Monday!!

All the best to the ones who are undergoing training. JAI ICAI !


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