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Goods & Service Tax, India's biggest tax reform is going to complete its first anniversary in next 45 days but still many of us are confused in respect to our jurisdictional offices.

Migrated Taxpayers does not have any such confusion as they have almost same state/central jurisdictions, as before.

But in case of New Registrants/Taxpayers, there is lot of confusion in respect to their jurisdictional offices, as at the time of GST registration; registrants are required to fill the ward/circle/range details of the state as well as center, in which their establishment/business falls.

Now, the following question arises:    

How to find the State/Central Jurisdiction details?

Link to find the Central Jurisdiction is itself available on the GST common portal. However, For State Jurisdiction office details, taxpayers have to refer their respective state sales tax website and are required to search for the Ward/Circle/Range details which were applicable for VAT/CST Registration, as Ward/Circle/Range details in earlier tax regime are same as in GST regime.

What to do if I have selected the wrong State/Center Jurisdiction?

This is not of great concern as all the regular compliances at GST portal are system driven, so taxpayers won't face any problem in regards to that, however, taxpayers may face problems where manual processing of application is involved.

In that case, it is my personal suggestion to all of readers, particularly in case of State Jurisdictions, that before going to your Jurisdictional offices please cross check your Ward details with Respective State Sales Tax websites and go to the correct ward irrespective of ward mentioned in your GST Certificate/Application, otherwise refer below.

What do we do if our Jurisdictional Officer is unable to locate our application such as Cancellation Application, Refund Application etc.?

Many of us are facing this type of problem.

Actually, Wards/Circle/Range works on the basis of Localities, for example businesses falling under pin code from 110005 to 110007 will fall under one ward and for businesses falling under other pin codes there will be other wards.

This problem occurs when we select wrong Jurisdiction (i.e. Ward/ Circle/ Range) at the time of Registration.

In that case, one needs to go to the IT/Administration Cell of the Respective State/Central Office and explain your problem they will shift your ward hand to hand, until then your system will not assign your application to any ward.

Note: It is my Practical Suggestion to all the stakeholders that please ask your Jurisdictional officer to check that whether application is pending for processing with him or not, to avoid the delay in processing and duplication of paper work & energy.

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CA Ankit Garg
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