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We are working round the clock for preparing examinations. But only a few of us could get through the examinations successfully. What is the reason? Are we not intelligent enough? Who is an intelligent? As per Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) intelligent is a person who is ‘able to store information and use it in new situations’. Though this definition is quoted by OALD for computing purposes, it very much relevant even for human beings than other definitions available.

Yes, we are intelligent. Then what is lacking in us that making us fail?  Not once or twice but on and on. Is that lack of confidence? Is that lack of passion or conviction towards the professional degree? Are we not hard working? A big no. Then what? It’s our attitude! Yes. What the attitude is?


What is an attitude? An attitude is the position from which something or someone is observed or simply a point of view about a situation. That means an attitude is simply this:

  1. The present condition or situation of our self (emotional front);
  2. What we observe or perceive (sense); and
  3. Ultimately what we derive from our observation (memorization).

The situation you are in always influences your perception. Your emotions tend you to think in a certain way. The first thing we need to transform is our emotions. If we keep always our emotions positive, we possess a healthy mind and body, which is vital for a creative mind. A creative mind is delighted with notions or ideas extremely prolific and keeps us forward thinking.

Our ideas and thoughts influences our perception. An average individual may use his five senses to perceive the things he come across. Our positives emotions can only make think beyond our sensory perceptions or can think beyond the data available in our memory that acquired through our five senses. We may call it as Extrasensory perception (ESP), intuition or sixth sense. The success of a business is heavily reliant on intuition of the business leadership.

The re-productivity or result of our observation depends on the quality of our sense impressions made by and retained by our mind.

Believe in success

A belief is the magic of success. We have to believe that our success is inevitable. Our belief can move a mountain. Trust this. The belief in our success should be passionate and obsessive. If we believe our success, no ordinary force can stop us.

The mantra of believing success should be one of our positive emotions always. You believe it further and further. Never forget it or dampen your courage of believing success.

Believe in positive environment

Our environment influences us a lot. We have to move forward with passionate people pursuing goals similar to ours. This is highly important to keep our pursuance alive. Our passion dilutes on any kind of companionship with people of unspecified direction. Avoid them by all means.

Don’t believe in luck or astrology

We frequently hear from our fellow students of certain hazy jargons. I am lucky, my period is running good, it is auspicious time; or I am unlucky, my period is running bad, it is inauspicious time, and so forth.

Don’t believe all this. If you are a theist, just believe in God and faithful to him. Perform good deeds. Believe in good deeds. Hard work towards your goal, faith in God etc. are positive emotions. Our human body is a great design, architecture by the supernatural power (this is again a common belief and I too believe). This design is greater than any technology available now on the planet earth including a rocket science and technology. We being humans, animated and with full of life cells. Apart from environments’ influence on our mind, these live cells also got influenced in a certain way by the people who are also made of similar live cells, also animated, also emotional, with plentiful feelings, orthodox, unorthodox, committing good / bad deeds and moving around us or by the circumstances we are in. This shall not be confused with the luck or astrology. I am sceptical of luck or astrological beliefs.

Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself. Have faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers, you cannot be successful or happy. Norman Vincent Peale.


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