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A tribute to CA

In the beginning, I dreamed a Dream…
A Dream so magical yet not just a whim!
The dream, if conquered, would make my soul content.
Oh! Deep beneath my heart, I truly aspired to be a Chartered Accountant!
To move towards Divyam, towards Enlightenment! 

One Step I took, in the odyssey of thousand miles
Oho! A spark of joy, I surpassed the “CPT” with lots of smiles
Still, I knew, sheer folly it would be to be so complacent
Hear, hear! Deep beneath my heart, I truly aspired to be a Chartered Accountant!
To rise towards Divyam, towards Enlightenment! 

Onward I plunged into the crucible of struggles, to befriend the angel of Hardship  
Behold! So much to gain in the ocean of wisdom, hence, began the era of my Articleship!
Sea of vouchers, plethora of audits, multitude of assignments, mistakes much more! 
Little dose of plaudits, plenty of whips, a torrent of reprimands, yet experiences galore!
On and on I trudged on the mountain, dreaming the Dream of the Eminent…
Oh! Deep beneath my heart, I truly aspired to be a Chartered Accountant!
To usher towards Divyam, towards Enlightenment! 

Chased by Setback, embraced by Fear, marred by Failure…
Yet, I endeavoured, yet I endured, and so I exceeded the barrier of the CA-Inter…
Still, I ploughed on, up on the Everest… 
Denying the leisure, with no inkling of a rest! 
Gearing up myself to confront the mighty Rival
With a beacon of hope, with a blaze of faith, I marched on to the lair of CA Final
Blessings of Almighty, of Parents, of Mentors, bestowed on me at times of predicament       
Indeed! Deep beneath my heart, how I truly aspired to be a Chartered Accountant!
To walk towards Divyam, towards Enlightenment! 

Hard I fought the Eight-faced Enemy, toppling and falling, yet never giving up!
Years of training, eons of preparation! Oh, the sanctity of my Dream and Living it up!    
Fight! Fight! Day and Night! 
Endure! Endure! The failure and blight!
Hope! Hope! Indomitable faith!
Forth on and on! Transcend the bait!

Etched to my conscience, aware of the significance of what I aspired…
Partner to the nation, pride of our country, guardian of the economy, much I was inspired!
As “Ya Aeshu Suptaeshu Jagruti” wrought an awakening in my mind…
Awake I was, shunning off the despondence far in the behind…    
And then blossomed a day, brimming with radiance, blissful sunshine…
Oh! Behold! Marvel! A history was sculpted! I tasted the success! The day was mine!
Penning my name with the title of “CA” which is Holly and Reverent…
Hear, hear! Deep beneath my heart, I felt the pride of being a Chartered Accountant!
Treading towards Divyam, towards Enlightenment!

Oh! The story doesn’t end here, my friend!
Let us pave the way for a sacred trend!

Hear, hear, my fellow friends, the members of the Elite!
This is your saga; this is your tale, of Glory, of your Might!
Heed to the Change, to the whisperings of Time
Progress, renew, hone up the Knowledge so Divine!          

Hear, hear, my fellow friends, the partners to the Nation!
Let us all march towards illumination with Dignity and Ambition!
Behold, ‘O’ World! We are the Chartered Accountants!     
Merging towards Divyam and towards Enlightenment!


Published by

CA Saurav Somani
(CA - practice)
Category Students   Report

5 Likes   11 Shares   9357 Views


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