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Hello friends! Here’s an interesting write up on a ‘Triangle’. Don’t be surprised what I mean to say is, this article is about the three angles of a situation. What that situation is will automatically be unveiled as you read. I suggest that you guess after each para as to what I am trying to refer to. So, lets begin:

One of my assignments during articleship was migration audit of a bank. If you wanna know more about migration audit, I’ll explain separately. For all of us (I mean CA articles) it is a normal practice to interact with clients at work place. Sometimes it helps us gain more information than the books of accounts. One such interaction is my first angle. I met this guy Arjun, BE electronics and telecommunication with MBA in finance and an efficient employee of the bank. Almost all the tribulations in that bank were handled by him. It was just 15 months since he started working there. Out of curiosity, I once asked him where he acquired all this working knowledge from. See, being an E&TC engineer he was definitely capable of mastering their core banking software, but to gain expertise in banking in such a short span of time was not a joke. I thought his mentor must be a genius. My curiosity had reached its utmost peak looking at the way he worked. But there was a twist in this story. And here is what he told me: this guy had an urge to work in public sector and so he landed up in this bank. Because of his qualification, he was given an officer’s post. However, other employees in that branch had worked for more than 17 years, passed a number of exams, learnt computer courses to match the new technology to get the same position. Whereas here was a guy who made it at a young age of 27. Initially people refused to accept him, no one assisted him to learn banking. He was disliked by his colleagues for no mistake of his. He then told me that one day he decided to strike back, not by fighting but by other means like learning through observation, books, talking to friends in the same field, etc. every rude gesture was a waking for him. And finally a day came when that branch could not imagine functioning without him. Sounds like one of the stories from ‘Chicken Soup’.

I m currently working in an MNC and my 2nd angle comes from this office. There is a lady Mrs. Vandana who is working in Alfa from the past 18 years. One day, couple of us were sitting in our rest room during coffee break. Vandana suddenly started crying. My curiosity meter started to mount. So I went to find out wat was happening. She was complaining about a new boy from her department. In 6 months he not only picked up his work but also started eating up hers. He was fearless with no responsibilities back home. He could come any time and wait for long hours. He was young and so was good at computers. She had kids and a family to take care of back home. Though she was doing her job reasonably well yet it was not easy for her to work like him, she had her genuine constraints. Besides there was no question of comparison until this guy joined. And now she feared losing her job for yet again no mistake of hers. This is a perfect example of what is meant by ‘Stress’.

My aunt holds quite a high post in one of the defense related organizations. Last Sunday she narrated an experience which is my 3rd and last angle. She recently hired a young girl named Chaitrali (bachelor of course). This girl is a go getter. Within a short span she learnt work done at all the desks on her floor. She came to office on weekends, showed interest in change and growth of the organization. On the other hand my aunt said there were people working for many years in the same position not willing to adapt to changes easily. Sharp 5 p.m. files closed, bags packed and all of them waiting in a queue to swipe cards. Also there was a rush to occupy window seat in the company bus. Given a choice my aunt as a boss preferred chaitrali to others. In case of genuine difficulty she gave her a few concessions too. After all chaitrali was well capable of handling every other person’s work in her office in case of his / her absence, rather she was better than the original one at times. Here, my aunt was blamed for favoring a girl against the men in her office yet again for no fault of hers. Do you think my aunt is a big fan of Women Empowerment, na!


Well, if you have still not guessed what the topic is ………………….


















I call it “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN KAL MEETS KAL” at work place.

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