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Problem Asked by one of the CaClubindianmail!

Again I failed in IPCC and this is the 4th time continuously happened. I am very much irritated from me. I mean Am I so dumb I can’t clear IPCC not a single group. “final mai kya krungi?” Family is going through great financial crisis. I can’t even afford coaching & self-study ho hi nahi pati. Don’t know why! self-confidence ki to dhajjiya udd gyi hai my brain is numb not a single work I am able to do correctly totally blank don't know anything about course strategy how to make time table future steps about career what I will do further.

Please help me if anyone can! I want some status I want to be a CA. I want to be successful person. Jaldi please guide!!

I tried to answer her in my best way!

Hey Ridhi,

Let me tell you something about me,

I cleared my Second group first. Due to Hard Luck I failed for four times in First Group of IPCC. Check out my Score..

1st Attempt


2nd Attempt


3rd Attempt


4th Attempt [FM/Costing- 29*]


5th Attempt [Cleared] With 2 Exemptions [FM/Costing- 56*]


Life sometimes hits on your head with brick, but do not lose faith. 

Financial Crisis

As you said your family is running in financial crisis. I had faced the same problems. I advise you not to involve in those matters as you cannot do or earn for your family. Your priority is CA not early earning so channelize your energy in CA. 

Financial Crisis is the first thing that you have to deal with, because if you don't remove it from your head, Your all problems will be solved automatically. 

Whenever this topic going in your house you positively reply to them- 

" Bure Vakt Ki Khaasiyat hai ke Wo Chala Jaata Hai! "

Are you Dumb? Not Fit for CA?

Ridhi, Look in the mirror and ask your self this question. You were the one who once thought to be clearing CA while entering Institute. Just that thought would help you to clear your CA. Nobody can say you are dumb or not fint for CA unless you give approval. According to me, you are very much capable for clearing CA, I can say after observing your writing skills.


Chanakya has said," If you have seen failure in life. you already seen first stage of success in your life"

One of the big four firm rejected First Attempt CA candidate saying," We can't hire a person who has never seen failure in life." [True Story]

Confidence is our weapon, Ridhi! Never ever lose it. I know when you lose it. I cleared my First Group of IPCC in 5th Attempt but I was most appreciated Article in my firm [Just because of my Confidence]. 

One of the reason losing confidence is - Our friend clear Exams before us, Right? Sister, "Never ever compare you with any other. By comparing yourself with another you are insulting yourself. You are the precious one" 

CA Final- Your Cup of Tea?

Of course Yes! I have seen person with five attempts in IPCC cleared his Final exams in first attempt successful. Even All India Rank 1 Lady has cleared her CA Final in Second Attempt. Attempt really doesn't matter until and unless you are knowledgeable person. Secondly, you will have 3 Years to gain knowledge so Don't worry about that and Rock in Articleship.  

So channelize your energy towards your Goal, Sister!

Time Table

I know the best person who can guide you for the Time Table and Career. That's You, Dear! You know yourself very well and If you don't know about yourself in this Digital world then Know yourself. Ask yourself few questions listed below.

 Which is the subject I love the most? [Don't Consider Mark while Answering it.]

 This Subject would be your Weapon! When you are bored. You should take it as you enjoy  this subject.

 Which is the most Difficult Subject in Syllabus?

 Make Sure that you take it first for study and make him your Best Friend.

 When and Where I am more Comfortable for Studying?

 Decide your pick up time and try not to devote this time in any other work. Avoid getting  in to family discussions. 

 Does my writing skills are efficient enough to grab good marks?

 Try to write specific answer. Write in format of ICAI. Practice Manual is best resource for  improving your writing skills. 

 Can I go for One Group or Both?

 You can go ahead with two groups only if you are comfortable with it. Once you opt it for  exams it will need your attention and it will take time.

Ridhi, I assume you are clear with the concepts of Subjects. Therefore, all you need is to revise your subjects properly and give exams of past papers as per ICAI. Papers are available on ICAI Web Portal.

For More information I have posted Article on CA Final Time Table- Read It, I am sure It would Help you! Here is the Link:

Got attempt? CA Final study plan for Nov 15


It is totally in your hand. There are lots of areas available after clearing CA. You can Service in field of your Interest but you need to wait for that. That's it! If you are knowledgeable, nobody would afford to say 'NO' to you!

On End Note

We have seen lots of winners. Let it be Steve Jobs, Albert, Milkha or Chis chris gardner. One thing was common in all those winner. There refuse to Give up!

Best Regards,
Amrit Singh


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Amrit Singh
(Killer Stud[ent])
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