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Firstly Congratulations to everyone who have passed the Company Secretary exams and also to those who have cleared few papers and groups. I want to share a few words will students who have passed and also with students who could not make it. Let me begin with a message to those who have passed.

Those who have passed.

I can relate to the Joy that you are in now. The feeling of having conquered the world and joy which cannot be explained in words. Enjoy the moment and savour the memory. You have been studying hard over the years and waiting for this day to come. It is essential to Celebrate and relax since you are going to start a new journey soon. Passing CS Exam is like finding an oasis in a desert. Make use of the break but remember that your journey is not over yet.

When you Pass the exam you will find various responses from your friends and relatives. Let me guess what are they.

How Many attempts have you taken?

When you answer it saying N+1, there comes a reply

"Oh, so many attempts".

"Isn't CS Easy why did you take so many attempts?". By then your Happiness will reduce a bit for sure. 

"There is No scope for CS, You must have done CA"-Hearing this you will get disappointed, you will get worried.

These kind of things are the common and Standard set of responses from people. Don`t let it bother you.

One set of People will ask you to go into Employment and another to enter practice and by the time you finish your MSOP, you will still be wondering which is the best choice.

These are few reactions and not to forget the proposal of your parents to find you a groom or bride. 

You will hear a broad spectrum of reactions which will definitely pull you away from your dream or make you question it. It will make you disappointed and worry. But My simple suggestion for you is to listen to your inner voice. Hear the negative things and let go and don`t let others disturb you with their opinion. Remember the day you joined the Course and be in the same mindset on the occasion of Passing the exam. Re-Kindle the same emotions you once had.

At the same time be cautious not to be complacent, remember that success is the bad teacher. Passing CS Is a beginning of yet another journey ahead.

When it comes to choosing between Practice or Employment don't let anyone persuade you to what they want you to be. Both options have its merits and demerits. Explore both the options, take your time and then plunge to the option which your inner voice tells you. Make sure that you won`t regret the choice you made. 

People who could Not make it

I can Understand your Pain. Don`t let anyone's opinion bother you. Just shut out the negativity and get back to your books soon. If required get the copies of the answer papers and review it. 

Jealousy- You know what I mean will disturb you.

Lack of self belief-You know what I mean will disturb you.

The guilt of having wasted time-You know what I mean will disturb you.

You have not lost anything if you are on the journey. Remember that failure is the best teacher. You will find success if you stay true to your dream. Let the Pain of failure ignite your Passion.

Take a short break and start again as if you are writing the exam for the first time. At the same time try to be calm.

Ultimately your parents will be looking to hear good news from you. They may react harshly when you could not make it in exams. Try to regain their confidence with the sweet smell of Sucess.

People who have failed and Passed are both travelling to the same destination. It is just that those who have passed have found an Oasis and they too have to start their Journey again. And People who have not passed will meet them sooner or later in the Journey.

Wish you all the very Best.

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