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Wouldn't it be awesome, if you realise you actually can do stuff, that you find yourself capable of but can't figure out how? Wouldn't it be wonderful, if all your worries leave you forever, and your mind be filled to the core with just one belief of positivity and hope? Wouldn't that be marvellous, if all of your semi-consciousness wakes up and you find that you had developed some constraints for yourself, limiting your abilities for no reason at all?

Time has finally arrived, to let go of all such boundations, explore the mind, instil the sense of freedom, get re energised and do what we were always meant to do, in a better way, and live life.

Well, this article is going to take you through an experience you have never felt before. You will come to realise that indeed, the power lies with you. And for all those, who feel they are ready for the ride, here comes the question.

Answer it in your mind, answer it for yourself and answer it clear.

1. What is your ultimate goal?

Something that all your efforts are channelised for. Possible answers might include:

a) sense of accomplishment

b) freedom from boundaries

c) lead a comfortable life

d) be super powerful

e) earn money

f) make people proud of you

g) get admired

h) achieve success, etc etc

While all of these are wonderful goals in themselves, we, sometimes, fail to realise the ultimate goal hidden right behind these, for which, we make these second goals, as a tool to help us out. And that ultimate goal that I am talking about is, HAPPINESS + SATISFACTION.

Why would you do something that does not make you happy, and why wouldn't you do something that makes you happy? So, isn't Happiness the chief criteria that drives our actions? Why else do we hear stories of successful businessmen, who have always dreamed of being successful, right from the very beginning, but now, do not understand

1) why they don't feel fulfilled?

2) why are they depressed?

3) where did they miss out?

The answer, as ironical as it may seem, is always in front of them, just like it always is in front of us. But, we chose to close our eyes from the obvious truth. Mad with the sense of recognition and praise from society, bounded with the "What would people think?"

Disease, we fail to realise that what we really seek is Happiness, along with satisfaction, which provides us with the sense of self-fulfilment and of fulfilment of purpose. Ask yourself if you do agree or not? The point is, we get so involved in the fast paced daily routines of ours, that we allocate our mind-line, to keep up with our time-line. We limit the scope of processing of our brains, and focus it only for a specific task/sub-goal at hand. We, slowly, forget to realise that as an artist does with his painting by dividing it into sections and working them one by one to complete the picture, we too, are working on a specific part of life. And while it is necessary to focus at specific tasks, but if the artist keeps doing his job only at a particular part of his painting,he might never be able to get his painting complete!

Similarly, we must realise that we dream to lead a wonderful life for which we are doing that task. But, ultimately, it's going to be the complete picture that counts. So, it is always that keeping in mind that how we have lived, how we remained aware of the sole purpose of our existence, that would determine how vibrant our final picture comes out. And who wouldn't want to create such a marvellous masterpiece out of his life, from which, not just the person himself, but also other souls could derive happiness from? :)

Now, as easy as it is to fall prey to pointless worrying and worthless thinking, easier yet it is to grow out of it. Just remember some easy steps, and be ready to be amazed with your own potential bursting out from within, moving you forward at twice/thrice your original speed, leading you through a blissful journey.

1) Never limit yourself.

2) Understand your true personality.

3) In a moment of crisis or once every day, close your eyes for a minute, clear out your thoughts in 30seconds, and for the next 30seconds, ask yourself why can you do something that you want to.

4) Look beyond the normally visible realms of life.

5) Stay positive, be hopeful and do your work.

6) Thank God for every opportunity.

7) Find out the good in and learn from every sort of experience.

8) Know and improve your hidden talents to make yourself stand out from others.

9) Never hallucinate yourself into believing fake self-promises or false self-beliefs.

10) Stay humble and pleasant, yet confident and precise. Inculcating such li'l practices in day-to-day life, not just as a routine or a boundation, but with a sense to improve self, can bring about a vast difference in attitude, that'll help enable fulfilment of goals, you could never have imagined ever before. Keep believing, continue dreaming, do your work and stay alert! More practical and helpful articles coming up.

Wake up and stay tuned!

-Ayush Agarwal


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Ayush Agarwal
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