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Dear Friends and members


If you want to be successful and want to be a CA, you must be excellent in your study. Can we have a broad discussion about the way of achieving excellence and success.

Success>>excellence>>start from Rock bottom Level>>hard work>>Luck


Think that Nothing is impossible?

What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow provided if you approaching to your problems in systematic manner. If you think that the passing % is too low and doing your hard work is waste, sure it will be a waste. You will be out of one even in a worst result situation, if you think positive, identifying what caused to your failure.

A looser will only blame ICAI president for their failure. A looser will think that he is perfect and ICAI is imperfect. In some extent it is true that the passing % trend was so disappointed.

A winner will think about the root cause of the failure. He will come out with an action plan for overcoming his deficiency and will achieve his goal but still the loser will keep on going blame others.

You may see there are some students who are fails continuously and blame the ICAI that they had did a good hard work and also contending that this is the maximum. Murmuring by themselves blames for their unfortunate. This is mainly because not understanding what causing their failure. Some were fails for want of aggregate while some others were a particular paper only. In both the above scenario you required to be improve

 Quality of a Winner (Strong desire and well execution)

As CA a student you must require intensive desire to pass your exam and next is an action plan for your exam and a nice execution there of . Last but not least thing about the way of your improvement. How seriously you look about you, the result will be good in a worst scenario.

Imperfect theory

Think yourself that we are not perfect and require a lot of improvement. If you improve yourself then only you will achieve your goals. Try all the possible ways for your improvement.

Never ever  compromise failure over your confidence

But never compromise your confidence with failure. Confidence is internal and failure is external factor. If your internal factor dominates over the external factor you are a positive person and vice versa.

There are 6 or 8 papers respectively for your PCC/ I P CC exam. Out of these, you may be commanding in some papers and weak in some others.

A group normally consist of a combination of Weak and good papers. Both these combination would determine your success or failure.

Some may be strong in all the areas and some may be average and some others may be poor. If you are weak in a particular subject, go to the basic and allocate more time for over coming the weakness. Improvement is a fine tuning process.

There is a direct relationship with the success to excellence and excellence to improvement.

What is your long term goal? Getting the best in the worst scenario. For that a good management of good and weak paper is required. As far as a weak paper is concerned you must be start from the lowest basic level, some time the ignorance of basic may create the subject difficult.

All the best

Vivek M

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