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As i woke up in the morning today and opened the daily newspaper.....a newspaper article read...."Man commits suicide after failing CA Final exams!" I was shocked to read further and realize that i knew that person....In the few conversations i had with him, he seemed to be an intelligent and hard working guy. The fact that he had taken such an extreme step put me in a state of shock and gave fuel to a debate in my house....As my mom, dad and brother carried on their arguments on whether suicides are justified or not, i went into my own thoughts remembering my few conversations with him.

His action really made me think as I said to myself.....boss yeh ho kya raha hain.... what is wrong with our generation ....y are we making our lives so stressful...and what are we running behind for.... I've spent the past few days trying to deal with my own hurdle in life coming in between me and my i spen more time in introspection, i realized the more irritated i would land up feeling due to the time that had been wasted...and i concluded that, Money, wealth, Fame and even failures are all temporary and like most not last forever....what lasts forever is ur GOODNESS and KNOWLEDGE!
Most of us waste away so much of our time and efforts thinking about our past and future, that we tend to forget that there exists the PRESENT also, which is flying away at jet fast speed.....what is going to happen is not important....what is happening now is most important....
i ve grown up listening.." Competition is healthy, it forces us to do better". the maxim may have been apt in yesterday's world, but it completely loses its validity today....since with the ever increasing competition in the world, each person of the "Generation X" strives harder and harder to carve a niche for this rat race, we often forget the differentiation between right and wrong...
Isn't it true that the primary purpose of education is to teach a person to differentiate between the Rights and the Wrongs....What use is that education of, which takes a person on the wrong path, blindly in the name of competition and success.....
I feel, its good to be competitive and have a passion for achieving your goals...but not at the cost of your and ur family's happiness....After all, what is it that we are all slogging ourselves and working sooo hard for...HAPPINESS right!!
Sometime back i read a saying written by Shri Harivanshrai Bacchhan which said: "Agar tumhare man ki hon to achi baat hain....agar man ki nahin hon toh aur bhi achi baat hain kyunki tab bhagwan ke man ki hui hain...aur woh tumhari liye sabse beheter hain." So trust him and cheer up....Stop being depresses and Live each day to the fullest. Put in your efforts in the right direction in a focussed happy and keep everyone around u happy and everything else will follow on its own....AAL IZZ WELL!!!!!

Published by

Nikita Jain
(CA, CS)
Category Students   Report

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