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It was the happiest day for many, and for the majority it was the gloomiest day of their life. This is in context of the most awaited results of Chartered Accountancy which was published yesterday. This is a professional course for 5 years and three levels have to be crossed to be a member of the dignified group of Chartered Accountants.

The exams are conducted every six months in different centers across India, and also at two international centers, Nepal and Dubai. The evaluation takes about two months since there are lakhs of students appearing for these tests. The ratio of enrollment keeps reducing at each level as it keeps getting harder. Becoming a Chartered Accountant is a dream of many, but everyone cannot fulfill their desires in the first attempt.

The course itself is so vast and in depth, that a year and a half is required on preparing for the final exams at the minimum. More than twelve months is needed if one wants to take tuition and prepare for each subject at ease. After the teachings from the tutors, self study is important for which students need around six months or more. This is one of the most difficult time for the student, as it requires full concentration on a stretch, patience and hard work consistently. The preparation phase for Chartered Accountancy is compared to students preparing for medicine or to become a doctor.

As each student gives in their best effort for these examinations, the last minute revising is very tricky; the notes need to be prepared in a way that all the topics and the important matters are covered as it is impossible to revise the whole syllabus in a day. There is so much to study from, different study materials, revision test papers, scanners, modules and the prepared notes by the students. These years there is a day’s gap between the exams, which is a bonus in terms of time to go through the entire topics.

There are many who know about the course and the level of determination required for completing it, but the one who have experienced it and been in the situation can explain the best. Whenever people talk about C.A, they add another word to it, which is luck. These words undoubtedly go well with each other; in addition, I would say it is destiny too, and that is when the two precious words are etched before our name. This can be related to my own story. Wanting to become a Chartered Accountant since standard 8, I chose Bachelors in Commerce in my under accountancy_01graduation, so I could give time fully to the course as the studies of Commerce is less involving than business management. Completing the first two levels in first shot, I started preparing for my finals. Taking all the advice from the seniors and giving in the best I could, preparing as the ideal student ( If you are wondering what is the most suitable candidate, it is studying 16 hours a day for six months, staying in the hibernation zone, least socializing and heading for one dream strongly), I was set for the exams. As I gave my exams I was surprised to encounter questions which I had no idea about, something that I couldn’t relate, the theory that I had studied seemed vague and the practical practiced for hours made no sense. I wasn’t expecting such questions which would leave me wonder and were out of my understanding. I doubted if I could use the learnt techniques and concepts to solve problems. The studying for months suddenly felt of no use, because I was blank for a quarter questions of the exam paper. Trying to solve the best I could in three hours, as I got off the exam hall, majority of the students had the same look on their face and were surprised with the difficulty of questions as I was. We could not keep assessing the paper for long, as we had to prepare for the next examinations. The sixteen days period is the most crucial for the students, with sleepless nights, and not trying to waste each moment. During the examination, the hardest part is that there is so much knowledge that has already been gained, and it becomes tougher when the questions are not similar to the ones practiced, and three hours is very less for the trial method.

After the papers are over, the burden and agony seems over, this being no exaggeration, but each student feels relieved and the wait for results start. Two months seem short, and the day before the result is full of nervousness. The click of the button which confirms your pass to future increases anxiety since a week. When the results are displayed, it is a situation which can be compared to sides of a coin. It does not matter how many hours did you study, or how did you prepare for your papers, you passed or you did not. If you pass on the edge too, you have cleared the exams and if you have not you need to get back with the determination that you will complete what you started. It seems really easy to be writing this but no one would know it better than I do. There have been instances where I was left with one mark to get an exemption in a subject, which did not increase when sent for revaluation. That meant I was to give all papers again, the next time I did not clear the same paper with one mark and I cleared with aggregate but no exemption. To add to the misery, my papers when sent for revaluation did not reach the office till the last date, and when inquired for a week after the deadline, they declined on taking it for re-check. After persuading them, they agreed but the results did not change, and I was to give the papers again.

In life you have to fight to fulfill your dream

What I want to say to the students appearing for professional examination is you need that strength and patience. It sure is hard to study the entire syllabus and prepare the subjects once again. Try giving one group instead of trying to hurry in completing the both, because C.A is not normal exam that each student will clear after appearing for papers. There is no guarantee that you will clear if you appear for one group, but the chances of comprehending and understanding, revising is distributed in four subjects rather than eight. There is no different way to prepare, if you are confused that your preparation is been lacking somewhere, it’s not. Just keep doing what you are, and you will get the result. If you think that there are other options that you can choose, and don’t want to continue it professionally you should take that leap, it’s never too late.


Chartered Accountancy is being the best or nothing. You have to stand in the best lot or you are out. They have percentage of students that clear. If you can make it to that block you are lucky. You might just keep struggling and questioning if your decision for this course was correct. But all of this will disappear when you get those initials before your name and the joy of one of your dream being completed is immeasurable.


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