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To become a successful CA is your ultimate Aim. So your mission is “To become a Successful CA”. This mission is long term goal.


To become CA is a good goal. Any one can take this decision. Every one is pretty success in their long term goal.


Every goal requires systematic execution.


1) Planning daily routine study


Plan your daily routine according to the group you are going to write and your specific goal such as Rank.


Specific action plan for tough subject


You are required to identify toughest subject, allot more time and specific action plan to improve toughest subject.  Normally students spend more time in interesting and easy subject and not giving due weightage for difficult subject. If a subject is tough, then think counter plan to make the subject easy by more involvement in the subject or attending best coaching classes.



 Best Reference book along with ICAI study materials                                    

I highly recommend buying best and good reference book and keeping the ICAI materials as reference book. A good book can make the study process interesting and easy. A best reference book can become your Good teacher and can make the subject easier.


You have to plan according to your strength and weakness. Never plan both group, if some of your friends are writing both group. Like wise never join a coaching classes where some of your friends are going.


Coaching is like a medicine and its usage may be differing from person to person. Correct dosage of medicine is required. Take good coaching for toughest subject only and rest you can manage own your own.



2) Daily routine study


It is a second essential requirement. First you are required to make a daily time table and try to stick on that. Never mind even if you are not carrying studies according to your time tables.


Allocate difficult subject in your most productive time and easier subject in your most exhausted time.                       



I am highly recommended to write a Mission statement in your study room say, “towards Rank”. See this mission statement on a daily basis. See this mission statement and evaluate with your selves where are you stand in terms of mission.


How much time you are doing practise, to that extent you will improve. It is Isaac newtons Third law “For every action, there is equal and opposite Re action.


3) Systematic study


You are doing professional course and hence your best approaches in colleges and schools may be a failure.


How to do a systematic study? Never do a by heart method of study. If you follow a practise of doing by heart method, may be fail in front of a practical question.


 You have to read the subject with full concentration. Try to understand the logic behind it and you are advised to note the logic and concepts in a note book. In text book you can mark important area with light marker pen.


You are compulsorily required to write down in a note book in your way and language. Good notes must contain heading, Points with key words. If you read the key words you can reach to the logics.


4) Periodical revisions


You are required to revise what you had learned in a good quick section. I highly recommend in initial stages to find some time to remember what you had learned a particular day. If you careless in revision aspect, you will be a poor learner.


5) Two round coverage before exam


You must compulsory cover at least one round of studies before study leave and do one round of studies during your study leave sessions. In this stage, you are requested to look in to suggested answers and scanners and more specific to your examinations.


6) Test papers


I strongly recommend writing test papers conducted by ICAI etc before you are going to take the real exam. Even if you had prepared not well also can take such test papers. Else, you may be taking real match without net practise and may be out in the first ball.






All the best


Vivek M





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