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A CA Student's Saga Part-III

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 16 May 2013  

Hi friends, I am again with my Third Version of my story. I don’t know what got me into writing this. But surely it can be a case of with you and me. It’s my life involved in this story. I am going to start my story from January 21, 2013.

I had given my CA Final Exams in November, 2012 for Group 1. Even though I had a horrible Law Paper, I expected at least I will get an exemption in Auditing. Results were out. It turned out to be worse than Ever. I passed only in SFM that too at a T point. Horrible. I never expected all this. The World seemed upside down. I had no explanation for why i failed. I was all pointed towards my deficiencies. I seemed as if I am not fit for CA Studies at all. By hook or Crook, It took 4 attempts to clear CA PCC. And now the same is happening in CA Final.

I felt so bad. From Outside I always showed my Promising Attitude that I will crack the Exams for the next but in actuaI I was depressed. I didn’t touch my CA Study Material till now. I did apply for my roll no. but didn’t give my exams. Eventually my parents are Quite Worried about me. They obviously can see that I am repelling against CA Studies. I start shouting and avoid talking about CA. I don’t know what went wrong with me. Because I didn’t study, my Dad got me involved into new Business Venture so that I can channelize my anger and frustration against CA in right direction. I am right now into Business.

I did work hard for it. Obviously there is my Dad’s Huge Investment involved and my Family’s Reputation is at stake. I did understand its complexities and how we should handle it. There are things which I understood:

· Even though I am into Business, whatever Tactics and Logics i learned during my CA Student tenure came out very much Handy for me.

· Business involves time. More importantly, i kept my Family’s reputation at stake. CA Studies also involves time. But I was impatient.

I took CA Studies 5 years ago irrespective of the fact what people think about me or what my score in +2 was. And now i am in stage that I valued people’s opinion over my Family’s Reputation, I had kind of made a decision “TO DROP CA”. I didn’t tell my friends that i dropped it and in fact lied about giving my paper. I also avoided contact with them so that they don’t come to know that i have started a Business.  Family is the biggest asset that one can ever possess. Even though it was my Dad himself who got me into Business, he knew that I wanted to do CA but is doing all this drama prior to the reason known to me. Daily they used to keep nagging me and i used to decline their protest. But today, I got into a fight and Took “ Bhookh Hartal” as a mission to shoo them away. But in the evening, they managed to unlock my room, took a Bucket of Water and threw over me. I awoke in a shock. Having my Combination of Breakfast cum Lunch cum Dinner at 8pm made me realised that how much I was punishing myself. All these months was doing this Drama because I started hating myself. I started comparing myself with my classmates who are either CA or are doing well in other fields.

· I have a problem that I get distracted very easily. Even a small sound of a bird makes me wonder into the Himalayas. (Weak Concentration)

· Even Worse, I was involved with a girl during my PCC with whom i broke up. She is now a CA with her new Boyfriend and somewhere in the year end they will get married.

· My Brother involved his Friend (my Brother and his friend Both CA‘s) to teach me Accounts & SFM. I didn’t do his Homework. I didn’t take him seriously. He surrendered. I made up my point that no one can ever teach a Dumb Minded like me.

· Since I have a weak concentration i made up a point that my Hard Work will be of no use here.

· I am very much fond of downloading new movies and music. It further distracted me from studies.

· Repetition of above activities made me more perfect in doing useless rather than getting involved in studies. If i had put the same amount of time loving my studies rather than finding ways of “How Not to Study” it could have been a lot easier.

I at times do see on a positive note that How after becoming a CA, a person’s View if Living Changes. A week ago, after lot of Persuasion from my Dad (He is FCA), I attended a seminar on Bank Audits. It was nice. But more important thing I noticed was the knowledge of the speaker and how well he explained it. I really felt a respect from him at heat. Another Example, One of my Dad’s Article (years ago) was struggling in CA Finals. He did part time jobs, tutored school kids at home. But now he is a CA Partner in a well Established Firm and is now Happily Married. I saw this change all through my eyes.

So, I took a deep thinking and after which i started writing this article. Life has been unfair but you don’t have to unfair to your own self. Because LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.

At the end, (same lines repeated in my previous parts) A CA Students Saga will only end only if you decide that I will become a Successful CA (not just CA) and move on with it.


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Member (Account Deleted)
(B.Com (Hons) graduate,CA Final)
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