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1. Founder’s agreement: This lays out the roles and responsibilities of each person coming on board as an initial partner or founder.

2. Terms and conditions, privacy policy and disclaimer for the website and / or application: To safeguard the entity from unwarranted liability and protect its website and app data and its utilization from any misuse or unauthorized use. Also lay down as to how we propose to use the data we collect and what are the things that we take responsibility for and those for which we do not.

3. Employment contracts: To safeguard the entity from employees quitting prematurely, from employees using company data and infrastructure for personal use, to ensure there is a non-compete and non-solicit with the entity and we are safe from all possible negative instances. To ensure employee do not claim their work product to be a part of their ownership.

4. Invoices and other transactional business documentation: To ensure it reflects all the important details and ensures a limitation on our liability.

5. Agreements with all vendors with whom the entity will deal with: To make sure that what we have agreed in work is put to ink and it things go awry, we can always enforce the agreements, so as to minimize loss or loss exposure to us.

6. Intellectual property protection documentation with all: So as to safeguard all the inventions and innovations that takes place at work and for it to always remain a property of the entity and its founders.

7. Non-Disclosure Agreements: With all those who have access or will have access to confidential data.

8. Rental or lease agreement, if the property or premises is not owned by the founders or entity.

The above list is a list of all mandatory documents and those which absolutely are a must for every entity that would be formed.

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