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1) Don’t refer any new notes/author books/class notes which you have not picked up earlier. Beware of your friends because everyone of you would have a friend which will know from which material institute is going to ask a question this time. Don’t lose your focus because of such things.

2) Broke down each subject into A, B and C.Make a timeline for each subject. Go from Category A to C. In case you aren’t able to finish off your subject as per schedule, switch to other subjects. Don’t just stick to that single subject otherwise too much attention to one single subject can cost you all other subjects. (You can give max 5-6 hrs more than your scheduled timetable) Try to finish A, B (100%) and C category (atleast 50%) in timeframe scheduled by you.

3) Be fast. You know why we able to finish such a huge syllabus in just 1.5 day before exam because we are too enthusiastic at that time. Try same for each subject just before appearing for the exam. It is too good if you will be able to finish each subject in 2 days.

4) Start your preparation with the subject you are most worried about. Best way to kill off your worries is to write atleast 2 mock paper for that subject in exam condition.

5) Those who would have been preparing for long may have started feeling some kind of laziness and boredom. And those who were late to start may be feeling some sort of unrestlessness. In both the situation, don’t lose your calm and patience. Just hard work and dedication of 1.5 months more can change your results. Be focused.

6) Decide whether you want to go for 1 group or both group right now.

Why most students fail again and again because they made a mistake or they are not sure till the end about which group they are preparing. It’s always better to clear group one by one rather than to fail in both groups just because of the hurry.

7) Many may not agree to this, but I still think this is the best technique to stay self-motivated and away from negativity. Don’t talk to your friends and people who are going to appear with you for your exam. And the reason for the same is when we meet up with our friends, they will make you overconfident or their comparison with you will force down your confidence to zero.


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