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As per one study your success in life depends 80% on your communication skill & 20% on other factors like experience, knowledge, skill etc.

Bet me I am a qualified Cost Accountant (CMA) & This is completely true.

So today I am going to share with you 6 proven ways to develop your communication skill, so stay tuned with me till the end of this article.

1) If you want to make good first impression then” Smile”:  If you really want to make first good impression then smile & this works like magic. Friends when you smile it creates your positive impression in the mind of other person which in turn helps you to build a good relationship with that person.

Let me give my own example, I was working with one of the best companies in Accounts & Finance department, My profile was such that I always needed the data for analysis from another functional department (so since I know this) I used to smile whenever I had eye contact with other functional heads.

So this helps me immensely to build the relationship with other functional heads & In turn getting the data I required.

But here I want clear one thing that you need to smile genuinely, otherwise, this can impact you negatively on your relationship since everybody knows the difference between fake & genuine smile.

2) To Become genuinely interested in other people: The main reason behind poor communication skill is many people have a problem that most of the time they don’t know what to talk in particular situation & particular time & with the particular person the reason behind this is they are not genuinely interested in another person.

When you are genuinely interested in other people, what to talk automatically gets a click in your mind.

3) Approach the person with his Name: Always remember that person’s name is the sweetest & most important sound in any language. The name is the single item which is wholly & single-handedly owned by that person, which make that person unique & special among others.

So whenever you want to approach a person, approach with his name.

Here I want to make one thing clear that If a person is more older than you or is your senior then avoid this because in India this is considered rude.

4) Talk in terms of other person Interest:  Whenever you want to make great relationship then always talk in terms of other person interest.

The person with whom you want to build a great relationship, you need to have some basic information & his or her interest areas.

E.g. If you talk Medical related stuff with commerce student or Engineer he might get bored & your relationship might not be built fruitfully.

5) Give Honest & Sincere Appreciation:  Friends thought behind this is every person have at least one superior skill or quality than you & We should be able to appreciate that quality if you want to build a good relationship. It’s really simple to appreciate

E.g. If you like somebody’s shirt then you can say that “Hey Nice Shirt”.

If somebody has done something good for society then you can appreciate him by saying“Hey nice work”.

But I want to clear one thing here that you should avoid flattery & Give honest & sincere appreciation.

6) Be a Good Listener & Encourage others to talk about themselves: Until & unless you listen to another person properly & patiently you can’t have a meaningful conversation, so if you want to develop communication skill then first you must be a good listener.

Everybody is a hundred times more interested to talk about themselves, their wants & Problems than your, so always encourage others to talk about them. Ask them about their life, Interests, Achievements this will motivate them to talk & help you to build relationship.

I hope these 6 ways will help you to improve your Communication Skill. Please comment on this article.



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CMA Rasieek Jain
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