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Chartered Accountancy is one of the most reputed professions in India. Over the years the profession has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of the member and the student base. There are over 2,80,000 Chartered Accountants in India currently. Witnessing the growing demand of the profession, many students consider Chartered Accountancy as a wonderful career option. The perks that the course offers comes with a lot of sacrifices and hard work. A CA student devotes long hours to study. Managing work with studies during the articleship period becomes so cumbersome that CA students find it really hard to balance work, studies, and life.

Too much work pressure or exam pressure often drifts you away from your daily routine.  Anything that is not related to your work or studies seems useless. You end up ignoring some very important things considering them as unimportant or irrelevant.. But little things are not little. Little by little makes a lot.

Someone has said it right, 'The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.'

So, here are five things that a CA student should do every day to get a better direction in life.



A CA student undergoes a lot of study and work-related stress. And a stressed mind affects your performance. Meditation provides peace of mind. It helps you to concentrate better, think better and thus perform better. Meditating every day makes you more efficient which ultimately helps you gain confidence and satisfaction and thus helps you lead a happy life. Considering your busy routine, just 5 to 10 minutes of meditation every day will help you perform and score better.



A CA student usually gets left behind because of his networking skills. Networking skills are as important as technical skills.Try talking to your seniors and managers at work. Try talking to people outside work and learn from their experiences. Advice and suggestions from your seniors always help you get a better insight into your profession. While preparing for your exams make sure that you do not isolate yourself completely. Talk to your family members over meals. When you speak it helps you get better clarity of your thoughts. It helps you free your mind and unwind.



The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India keeps changing the syllabus and pattern of CA exams from time to time.The syllabus has to be revised whenever there is some amendment in any law or provision. Students preparing for exams should make sure that they are studying from the updated Study Material. They should never forget to go through the latest Revision Test Papers and Mock Test Papers to ensure that they are up to date. Remaining updated with all the latest amendments in law gives you an edge over all the other people at work. Going through bare acts and the latest government notifications improve your understanding of the law.



Considering the unending syllabus of the CA curriculum. Revision is the key term for CA students. You might realise that you have completed your syllabus but your retention is very vague. The Human mind has a tendency to forget things. It is very important to revise again and again to have a grip. Figure out some revision hacks that help you revise more in lesser time.

5. READ:


There are over 2,80,000 Chartered Accountants in India currently. Now how to stand out in the crowd? Knowledge expansion always helps. Build a habit of following financial news every day. Read any finance or business newspapers say Economic Times or The Financial Express. Doing so will very well help you relate your textual knowledge with real life examples and also provide you a better understanding of what is happening in the financial world and how it affects you and your work.

I hope these little changes in your routine will certainly help you do better in life. Do let us know in the comment section below one thing that you feel a CA student should practise everyday.


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Vaishali Dhek
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