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Read it – Get Motivated

You just came to know that CA course is not just limited to your academic books provided to you by your coaching institute. A CA profession is just more than that. A CA earns his respect from his hard work and knowledge. Knowledge is nothing until expressed. 

As said, we waste our important years of life in the way from Institute to home and home to coaching centre. Whatever you learn will be forgotten until you spread it.

However, it is not like that we don’t share at all, we do, we do it with our friends, we argue, we provide substance and we win. But that will only be acknowledged by your friends and not by the whole world.

So, use the internet to do that. Internet provides you with the medium to share your thoughts with the world, but we see it.  

Hence, I thought to encourage our community to do something different and why writing is the first step in the phase of innovation:

1. Build your Own brand: Once you are a regular writer on the internet, you build your own audience. People will like your post, will comment on it, and will ask queries from you and this is make your goodwill in the industry.

Once you are build as a brand, you will experience the authority, the confidence that you had never experienced before. If you are writing on a particular topic every time e.g. income tax, then you will have the good chances to end up very well in this area of practice.

2. Sharpen your Skills: Once you are a writer on the Internet, you will find yourself researching on various topics, had will help you learn something incredible. You will understand the core basics and advance knowledge about the subject you choose to write.

Further, people will ask their practical problems from you relating to that topic, and then to answer then you will have to study again. Hence, in this way you will be able to sharpen your skills that will help you a lot.

3. Makes you famous: Have you ever thought why the good speaker is always preferred before anyone else. Because as we have a proverb in Hindi “Jo dikhta hai…. Wohi bikhta hai..” Hence, once you start building your audience and helping them with their queries, they will be spreading your name to their friends or family circle, anytime if anybody ask any query from them. This is called word of mouth marketing.

4. End up getting our Dream Job: Suppose you are interested in direct taxes and you study and write various articles on direct taxes. This continuous process will build your brand and you can mention this in your resume.

This x factor will make you look different from the crowd and this will gear up your chances of being selected in your dream job.

5. Help you in setting up your Practice: Once you generate a good number of audience for yourself, then you will definitely be able to fetch client based on your goodwill and the authority. This will help you in getting the early push into the business.

Further, there are some points which you should consider while writing. These points will be helpful for you to write more effective articles.

1. Write original content – Don’t copy paste: The first rule of writing is to write your own article and never ever do a copy paste. Always remember, there is no alternative of hard work.  The more you will work hard, the more you will find success.

2. Quality over Quantity:  The second rule of writing is that you should prefer quality over quantity. Writing 5 average articles is waste of time, if you can write a single good article. Invest your time productively and not in writing which is useless.

3. Write on Practical Problems: Don’t write on anything which is not worthy of investing time. Make sure you write what people need from you, This is how you build audience.

4. Writing as text: Writing only text articles are not necessary. Content doesn’t means writing only text articles. You can make videos, interviews, podcast, case laws etc. Innovate and found a new way of writing.

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Author is a practicing Chartered Accountant and a founder of, he can also be reached at 


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