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Why are the student’s failing in Group 2?

More than 40% of students who have passed Group 1 in first attempt in Exam are failing repeatedly in Group 2.

Below are my observations on what is happening around and the keys to deadlocks. 

1. Getting Over Matured –

A student is nowadays lost more in thinking of ways to earn than to learn. After all, internet has created so many avenues to collect information on what others are doing than to plan and do what one can.

It is general desire in most of the students in their twenties to improve their lifestyle. They feel the X Factor missing in their life more now. This is due to their exposure to a large mass of tuition and network of career aspirants coming from different family profiles.

Their world has now expanded than what it had been while studying Class XII or BCOM.

A false presumption that  Kab tak  Ghar se paise lete rahunga has tendency to divert their mind into Earning prospects than to Learning Prospects.

The family too pressurizes them to some extent to complete and pass the exam at earliest attempt due to huge spending on education. On the contrary, the students from a well off family are trying to pave their own way of financial freedom. In either of the case, I firmly believe, family never expects you to get divulged into these thoughts.

You can always talk your heart out with them with the real circumstances and your confidence on your studies. They never want you to plan your earn when it is your age to learn.

Assume a student has sat to study and whether or not he is understanding everything he is reading, he would be found within a short span, lost in a new world (Khwabon ki duniya) imagining he has gained everything he had sacrificed or thinking of alternatives than the course he is presently into. Most of the productive study time is lost in this day dreaming only. All about earning, none about learning.

I say it as, the duty of the teacher is to teach, an accountant is to do accounting, a chef is to cook, a doctor is to treat patient and therefore a student is to study. Stick to what your role is. You are not a Day Dreamer. If somebody asks you at this age what you do, you say ‘I am a student’ but the fact is proving that you are a Dreamer, not a student.

What is happening is that a student is wandering more than to study.   Should you be called a Student or a Dreamer.

Stop Wandering into future. Complete your present assignments. Bring yourself back the moment you get lost or say keep an alarm of every 20 mins while studying. It may recall you back to reality.

2. Start taking Commitment –

Have you heard of any employee getting rewards and recognition who have never handled pressure in his job?

When you are a student, you are an employee of your creator who is entrusted with the responsibility of study.

On a lighter note, you cannot imagine to be a Government employee with CA or CMA or CS qualification.

The best way to appear in these professional exams is always with both the groups. The set off advantage is available. This has saved several candidates.

At the same time, there is no doubt that taking up both the groups requires enormous time commitment. Yes, it requires that but it doesn't mean you will take a shortcut. You may plan for appearing in one group only when you just make up your mind to give up.

Imagine the routine of a small kid studying in class 3 or 4, he has to wake up early in the morning, spend all his day in the school, tuition after returning home, drawing class, dance class and so many other activities he have. He never quits. Take up a man or women in the age group 30s. They have a tough routine with their home, office, friends and relatives. They can’t avoid any of them.

It’s the age of twenties only that you always have an option of quitting, doing something else and living life as per your comfort. You love doing things in your own way without any direction.

Even Film Stars need direction. Have you ever seen a movie where there is no director?

When we were kids, we had special attention of our parents that we don’t quit ever. At our thirties we are committed to our dependents, so again, there is no option of quitting. This twenties is a very whimsical age, an age with no seriousness and no commitment. If you don’t commit yourself to studies at this age, you might have to suffer your entire life.

Remember, 5 years of commitment to your studies in twenties can bring in 50 years of happiness for life and may be for 100s of years for your descendents. 

3. Visualise the fruits

No one gets motivated until they can visualise the fruit of their efforts. Let me make you aware what fruits you can get just after passing this CA, CMA or CS.

Job – Everyone looks for job to settle down. Jobs are most secured and easy way to start a better lifestyle. In the current scenario, getting a job with just BCOM or MCOM qualification is very tough. Even though, you get a job the starting salary would be maximum Rs 15,000 a month. With your professional qualification, you may easily get a start with a salary of minimum Rs 40,000 per month. Climbing to this level with your BCOM degree can take upto 10 years of career. Of course, you need to be a knowledgeable professional to gain this leap. Many placements throughout the country take place through Job Portals of Institute directly. The ones who are complaining that they aren’t getting jobs are just by products either they haven’t gathered knowledge and have just passed exams or they haven’t tried to uplift themselves. All little bit of serious professionals are well placed in their career.

Practice (Own Firm)– If you feel that you cannot work under any organization and have an entrepreneur guts then you just need to prepare yourself for the gestation of initial years to create something of your own. For this you need not give much effort as such. You will have to apply for the Certificate of Practice from the Institute after the final qualification and enroll yourself via a proprietorship or partnership firm with several Empanelment Opportunities that Institute keep adding in for its members. These empanelments are for assignments of Govt Audit, PSU Audit, School and Colleges Audit, Hospitals Audit, Project Reviews and many more where small efforts yield hefty returns.

Here, there is always a scarcity of Practitioners as well as the Institute has a fair policy of allocating work to all the classes of practitioners, be it fresher or experienced.  You need not find work, our Institute brings it for you.

Doesn’t this make you feel secured for your entire life?

Why our parents push us into education? They want to secure us for our life. They want that their child should be able to take care of themselves. Education brings security. No school or college would ever secure you for life like ICAI, ICMAI or ICSI.

A fruit like this, whose juice can be squeezed for your entire life is really something worth and especially when it is just one group exam away.

Moreover, a term delayed or lost is a costly affair. Let’s do a little bit of costing here.

Calculate the actual cost of exam fees, travelling to exam centers, stationery cost of writing exams, buying new set of scanners, amendment classes, additional cost of  staying in pg, food, conveyance and so many others. Also the opportunity costs as the income foregone from six month’s of earning. You would start your career six month’s late by deferring your passing term or take it this way that you would be ending your income earning capacity over the life six month’s earlier. It’s a huge loss.

Economists define Man as “a social animal with a profit motive”. 

Is it feasible to take a call of delaying your passing term where you can only have losses? Evaluate and then decide.

4. Get Surrounded by Good People

For all the success in life, you always need to have a good surrounding (Sangati ka Asar).

There are two sets of people around you.

The first are those who will motivate you to achieve your goal and will work with you to help you achieve it.

The second are those who will demotivate you hearing your plans and would keep saying Ye tere se hone wala nahi hai. Jo kiya usne kya paya. To phir tu kyu try karta hai. etc. etc.

You need to identify the right people. It is not necessary that every student who secures a rank has a rankholder friends or relatives. He may still get a rank if he is surrounded by people who motivates him.

Bring motivation from within, bring the driving force that drives you to sit and study. Only listening or reading to motivation won't work. It's your actions that can bring results. All the success is waiting for you. You need to walk to get it. The walking route is to avoid all the distractions and concentrate on your syllabus.

Do not waste time you get between the completion of exam and date of results. Chalk out your weak areas and act upon.

I know, I am motivating you a lot to achieve your success. The fact is, I need my success and every pinch of it lies in your success.

An extra effort everyday can bring all the change.

This is just a mathematical proof to all you have to do -

Write an email to me at or write feedback on my website – if you have anything to share or just post a comment to the post. Read my bog at 


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