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Hello Friends I’m sharing an article this may help in preparation for your examination in short time period.

This article is all about “Who I manage to cope up with my studies in a short period of time”.

As this article is the 2nd part of my last article “HEAD and TAIL”.

With only one month to spare for IPCC examination I made 3 strategies and with the help of 3 weapons to achieve the result called Success in IPCC Examination.


1.Practical and Theory:I made my 1st strategy to do all theoretical papers at night (6pm to 12pm) and all practical papers between 6am to 5pm.

The logic behind this strategy was that all the practical papers like Taxation,Costing,FM, & Accounts need practice practice and practice. Whereas, in theoretical papers we need revision which can be done during Power failure, which is a common problem in our town in the evening daily.

After dinner our body doesn’t allow to have late night study so we can manage to revise all the answers while lying on the bed without opening the book.

2.Equal interval:The 2nd  was to have equal interval between study, study in small blocks made of 3 hours and then have a break one hour for friends,gaming,tv etc

The logic behind this strategy was very simple our mind is just like computer it may perform multi tasking, but too much multi tasking for a long period then everything will be hanged, so its better to restart the computer.   As compared to our mind its need time gap by which it can perform faster and can back all the data. In every interval of 1 hour break we can have meals, fresh fruits, Tea- coffee, snacks etc. can listen to our favorite music , can chat with friends and other home stuff.

3.Sleep:This 3rd strategy was a power pack and the most important of all.

Having a healthy pressure of Exams our mind get struck to some unhealthy topics like failure, toughness of paper, long syllabus, never ending revision, family pressure, Relative heart breaking  comments etc.

This strategy works as nectar for a dying patient. A mild sleep helps us to give some freshness and rejoice our soul and mind. However, at night we need a good sleep minimum 6 hours.


1.Study Material:The Deadliest weapon to conquer CA  Examination is Institute’s Study Material. Instead of other reference books, notes, suggestions etc. Study material is the best to have for examination success.

One of the faculty of ICAI at Kolkata told me that “Tumhe apni chij pyari hai ki dusro ki,I said obviously sir apni chij sabko pyari hoti hai” so he replied same is applicable in examinations.

“Study material me job hi hai wo institute ka hai toh sabse pehle institute reference book ke answer se jada apne book par bharosa karti hai try to use Mat language”

For taxation practicals you can follow reference book as practicals on Mat is not as per the latest amendments. For tax I would suggest T.N Manoharan.

2. Practice manual, RTP, Compiler:My 2nd weapon was Practice manuals, RTPs and Compiler.

If you had completed all this three that means you had a well command on your study and believe me, nothing gonna stop you at the examination for sure.

As I did, I completed compiler, RTP, Practice manuals for all subs, I was so scared of Law and communication that I borrow a hand Book of Law (Munish Bhandari) from my friend just to cope up with Institute Material.

Its better to invest your time in solving all this RTPs, Compiler  again and again instead of finding notes , suggestion onto the internet.

3.Self Study:The more you do the more you increase your chances to clear your examination,

I you think you need coaching then have it but make sure that only coaching not gonna make your exams clear, you must prepare yourself to face the music.

Do as much you can pull your bat to hit the ball, but make sure that you make a solid commitment with the ball. The ball must be out of the stadium.

Try your heart out, continuity with efforts makes an unbeatable combination which called Success!

People who don't accept responsibility shift the blame to their parents, teachers, genes, God, fate, luck or the stars.

Be Willing to Be a Student-The best teachers will not give you something to drink, they will make you thirsty. They will put you on a path to seek answers.


Aryan Singhania

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Pallav Singhania
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