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3 cheers for homemaker ca women! Sounds odd what are we taking about, isn't it? This article is a tribute, a round of applause for all CA woman homemakers (not just housewives). At some point of time every woman is troubled with the question of giving priority either to job first or family first. Though its known that today's woman is capable of managing both at a time. Still if choice is to be made what? How? Why? Given below are my views they may not apply in all the situations, but if you feel it does apply to you take it.

° First thing every woman should do is raise your hands, take it back and pat yourself. We should praise ourselves for being a woman who can do anything once decided, whos soft and tough, her tears are weakness but her desires are strong, who cares most for every one but least for herself, who knows giving and living in any situation.

° CA is the most practical and best course for woman. Other then practice and full time job there are many other options.

° CA degree is your asset (use it when you want) not your liability (just because you are qualified you must work, not necessary).

° Education itself makes a difference in all the aspects of our life, the way we carry our life so feel proud to be a CA.

° If you have decide to take a break keep yourself updated through journals, these websites, seminars etc.

° We should aim for being a happy woman rather then successful woman.

° While setting priorities - sometimes its ok to be good enough rather then running for the best always.

° Specially for mothers-

* Give the prime time to your children they deserve it.

* Kids don't want branded toys they want love-unconditional love.

* While your child is growing, its a second chance for you too to enjoy your childhood.

* Once children grow up they will not come to you, sit with you, play with you even if you call them. So enjoy every moment of there growth.

* To get maximum love and affection from the parents is the birth right of every child.

* Children learn more while they observe you rather then just listening to you.

° When you take a break from your career-

* Write your goals- The world will set aside to let pass the person who knows where he wants to go- Arindam choudhary

* Have Faith in GOD- Believe in God as you believe in sun. Not because you can see it. But you can see everything else because of it.

* Have patience you will get time for everything- When pond is full of water fish its insects, when water dries insects eat fish.

* Change your Attitude With bad attitude you can never have a positive day and with positive attitude you can never have a bad day.

* Feel the gratitude for being a woman- The essence of being a woman is being a mother- Sushmita sen said in final round of Miss universe.

* While you rest take small steps towards your goal- If you work for excellence success will follow you- 3 Idiots motto.

* Enjoy the break also As Journey is always better then destination.

* Its perfectly OK if others are moving fast in career and you are slow-I may be walking slowly but I newer walk backwards. Whenever I walk backwards its for a long jump.- Abraham Lincoln

* Never feel guilty - No one has ever won the game of chess by taking only forward moves. Some times you have to move backward to get a better step forward.

* Come what may, never loose confidence - The caliber of a person is not how he prepares for things to go right, but how he stands up & moves on when things go wrong.

Its easy to do, to be the way others our doing. But make your own way and leave the trace for others to follow. Once again Hats off to all CA women homemakers. If with this article I could raise one heart, I could motivate one women then its worth writing. All the best wishes. Let the best come to you always.

CA Dipti Chheda


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dipti chheda
(teaching ca students)
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