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When the first team's batting is over;  a RUN RATE PER OVER  is decided to win the game by the other team.


The same approach is very useful in preparations of CA exams although at first glance it may be taken as irrelevant for the exam preparations.

But read on how it is relevant in CA Exam Preparations:

The Fundamentals of 20-20 Cricket Match:

1. The first 5 overs are delivered by the best bowlers.

2. To overcome the above situation; a “reasonable” score say 4-5 per over is targeted in first 5 overs. However; whenever a “deserving” ball comes as a “gift” during such overs; it is fully “utilized” to increase the run rate.

3. When a “typical” bowler comes to bowl; he is “taken” seriously and the batsmen prefers to avoid his bowls for the time being and play very carefully to save their wickets. But still they keep in mind to hit the “deserving” balls.

4. When a “reasonable” score is made in the first 10 overs with “sufficient wickets” in hands; HIT THE HARD policy is applied. In the last 5 overs; even the “best bowlers” get tensed to  bowl knowing well that he would be hit hard as the batsmen mind to lose the wicket.

Now try to understand the MESSAGE behind the above.

1. Whenever students start studies; the reading and grasping speed remains very slow. This situation is universal for all the students.

2. Within a week; the students “confuse” themselves that this way the syllabus would not be completed in the given time.

3. The major fault in the preparation of TIME TABLE is: The “reading and grasping” speed is taken as the “same” during  the available days.  

4. Due to the above; as soon as studies are commenced; students fear that this way how the whole syllabus would be covered?

5. They should keep in mind the strategy of 20-20 Match. Initially the speed would be slow. But gradually it will increase if “reasonable care” of  “average performance” is ensured.

To make it more clear:

i. In the exam papers; first question is always tough. Many times it is compulsory to attempt. It carries higher marks too.

ii. Fortunately; you are not supposed to attempt it first alike in 20-20 match. But keep in mind; you have to attempt it to achieve the required score.

iii. Initially make a rough time table and try to apply it (like net practice). Don’t mind even the result is lower than the average required.

iv. Evaluating the time table; prepare a revised time table and try to implement upto 70-80%. It may require further modification/alterations when the circumstances so warrant. Don't bother too much if any change is required in it. It is also a part of the exam preparation strategy. 

v. At the day end; do some writing practice to know your “study score” (the retention level).  Otherwise it may prove as a “MAIDEN OVER” keeping you “BLANK.”



Many times you have appeared in various exams.

Had you realized ever that the reading and grasping speed were the same in the last days of the exams as it were in initial days of the preparations?


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