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1. How to revise? 
Remember its re-vision not re-reading 


• Take 2 subjects per day (Combine 1 Practical and 1 Theory) 
• 7-8 days for 2 subjects 
• Prepare Time Table for 7 days i.e. which topics you will cover on which day. Follow that religiously 
• Complete all the subjects by 31' March 2019 


• Reduce the time to 2-3 days per subject. Take only one subject now. 
• Keep Financial Reporting for last 5-6 days. 
• By 20th April complete this revision of all subjects. 
• Give 2-3 days for anything left like mocks, RTP's or past papers and then take FR. Also with FR do SFM theory. 
• Also during this revision write on front page of each book, how will you revise in 1.5 days during exams. Hours wise divide it, your studies and when you will be sleeping during exam days. Everything should be written. 

2. RTP's- Refer your attempt and the previous attempt also. Mark new questions. 

3. Mocks- Your attempt only. No need to write mocks if you believe you have good speed but solve mock papers orally of all subjects. Mark new questions. 

4. Decide which black pen you will use. Practice from that pen only now. Buy 15-20 of the same. 

5. Sleep for maximum 5-6 hours a day. Better to sleep in breaks of 4+1+1 or 4+2. Follow a schedule which you want to follow during exam days 

6. Try eating home cooked food only. Avoid outside food now. You cannot risk falling ill at this stage. 

7. Social Media- Make zero connectivity with outside world. For now your studies are important 

Believe in yourself, you will do it.

Having a dream is easy but making it happen is hard. So put that hard-work for 2 months. Your results will speak after that. 

If you have your own strategy then you may follow that. The above tips are only for reference. 


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