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On 3rd February 2020, ICAI released the results of CA IPCC/Inter students who had appeared for November 2019 examinations. In each and every attempt there are students who clear their exams in their first attempt itself but many of the students have to reappear in the exams due to the low pass percentage of CA examinations. Chartered Accountancy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea because it requires a lot of dedication to clear the exams at one go. So this article is for both, the students who are appearing for the first time and the students who are appearing once again.

As per ICAI the last attempt for old students is May 2020, so this is the last opportunity for IPCC students to clear their exams after which they will be having an option to convert into New Syllabus. So IPCC students can even follow this strategy to clear their exams in May 2020.

Strategy For CA Inter May 2020 Exams

1. New Syllabus Students: New Syllabus students are having a total of 8 subjects. It would be really good if the syllabus of both groups has been completed at least once. When it comes to CA exams planning is necessary because if you do not plan well you may end up excluding topics in the end because of time issues, so proper planning and preparing a strategy is very much important.

So for Group 1, students can take one practical subject with one theory subject so as to ensure a proper balance (For example, Accounts and Law) similarly another combination would be (For example, Costing and DT/IDT). Students can prepare thoroughly in this combination for 20 days (If they are having a good amount of knowledge regarding these subjects, if not then they can take up to a month for Group 1’s preparation).

Similarly, for Group 2, students can make two combinations (For example, Advanced Accounts along with EIS/SM) and (For example, Audit along with FM/Eco) both these combinations can be finished within another 20 days.

2 Months Strategy For CA Intermediate May 2020

For the remaining 10 to 20 days, students need to keep 10 days for self-examination i.e. for the next 10 days students should solve Revision Test Papers, Mock Test Papers And Past 3 Years Papers so as to ensure that whatever the student has learned he/she is well versed with that and wherever he/she is having any sort of doubt, he/she can clear that by again solving it out. Don't pick any mock test papers randomly as it may waste your time and money. For the last 10 days before exams, students should focus more on their weak subjects and along with that prepare for their first paper (For example, if a student thinks he/she is weak in Eis/Sm then he/she should try to get a hold on that while simultaneously preparing for Accounts).

2. Old Syllabus Students: Old students are having a total of 7 subjects and more to it this is the last attempt available for them for clearing IPCC after which they will have to convert into new syllabus. So this is a golden opportunity for IPCC students because they are only having 7 subjects instead of 8 which is very beneficial at this moment. For old students also when it comes to CA exams planning is necessary because if you do not plan well you may end up excluding topics in the end because of time issues, so a proper planning is very much important. It is obvious that old students must be having proper knowledge of both the groups hence old students only need to brush their concepts again and again.


So for Group 1, students can take one practical subject with one theory subject so as to ensure a proper balance (For Example, Accounts and Law) similarly another combination would be (For Example, Costing/Fm and GST). It is an advice for old students that they should aim for exemptions in at least 2 subjects because of them having a proper knowledge of these subjects. For Accounts and Law, students can spare 15 days and for Costing/Fm and GST students can spare another 15 Days.

For Group 2, students can again make 2 combinations (For example, Advanced Accounts and Auditing) along with that (For example, Income Tax and IT/SM) both of these combinations can be prepared for at least 20 days. For the remaining days it would be very helpful if students solve past year papers and revision test papers because solving them can give students a clarity regarding their performance. Students should also aim for 2 exemptions in Group 2, Advanced Accounts and Audit. Getting an exemption helps a lot in clearing the exams as it uplifts the aggregate marks. For both New and Old syllabus, I would say 2 months are enough to clear CA exams if and only if you put in all your efforts and dedication into studies. Apart from studies, there is a topic that is very much important but no one discusses about it much, which is our state of mind. Studies are things which always bore us, we never sit on our own and make a resolution to study endlessly for hours we study because of various responsibilities and dreams of ours. So, our state of mind is not happy when we are studying we often feel laziness, boredom, lack of concentration and other sorts of emotions while studying and I feel tackling these emotions is very much necessary in order to achieve success in life. So, I would suggest students to play a game with the mind in order to deal with all these emotions, our mind loves it when we get a recognition for doing something, so here is a trick, all you got to do is reward yourself after completing a task that you’ve assigned yourself with (For example, it may be as simple as completing 2 chapters of Information Technology) the rewards can be anything (For example, listening to a favorite soundtrack of yours or eating something that you love) in this way you will not lose interest in your studies rather you will finish things fast to achieve that reward.


Lastly, Chartered Accountancy is not everything in your life, it is just a part of your life so take things easy but try not to lose hope and always conquer like a king, Best Of Luck.


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Sandip Goyal
(Risk Advisor)
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