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10 silly memories which I did while pursuing my CA:

1. Whenever I thought of roaming with friends around the city instead of studying, at the very other moment, I found myself calculating total cost of petrol and average of my bike and then the use of that money at some other places as I was supposed to recharge my mobile too and of course restaurant bills of me and my girlfriend (not actually)… :-P

2. Whenever I thought to go for a movie, I found myself assuming the tentative date around which it will be shown on television and of course land lords can be our good friends if we offer them a tea couple of times… ;-)

3.  Whenever I thought to sleep in noon, I found myself setting alarm of 10 minutes only and postponing it for further 10 minutes for 2 or 3 times, by the time all my laziness and desire to sleep got murdered.

4.  Whenever I thought to go to restaurant with friends, I found myself bringing hot tea and vada paavs from corner side shop and enjoying with friends in my room with lots of funny discussions.

5.  Whenever I thought to go on for a leave from my articleship, I found myself adjusting extra hours to be worked on other working days…

6.  Whenever I thought to study income tax, I found myself counting no. of months left in ITR season so that I can learn while filing returns instead of reading boring books…same was the case for audit chapters

7.  Whenever I thought to solve accounting questions, I found myself reading the chapter from very first page for one more time….

8. Whenever I thought to study harder, I found myself setting alarm in my mobile and sleeping early to start from the next day.

9.  Whenever I thought to plan study with my friends, I found myself drafting a resolution with friends to make time table first and setting the priorities….although we never followed that…:-P

10. And the last but not the least, whenever I thought to become CA, I found myself calculating my annual salary and then planning of investing of the same in my desires…..:-)


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