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Notification number 22/2019 dated 23rd April, 2019 notified that if GSTR returns are not filed for two consecutive return periods then EWay Bill generation for such registered taxpayers shall be blocked until the returns are filed.

1 Click Solution for All E-way Bill Generation Problems

An e-way bill is required to be generated by every registered taxpayer if the value of the goods to be transported exceeds Rs. 50,000. Thus, such notification will hamper businesses.

Another issue that hampers business is the incorrect preparation of e-way bill. From 1stApril 2018 to 31thMarch 2019, a total number of 55.78 crores of e-way bills have been generated out of which 99.37% goods were transported through roadways. A total of almost 5% of vehicles i.e. 2.75 crores vehicles were inspected and eventually penalised for having incorrect details on e-way bills. Penalty for non-compliance with e-way bill rules amounts to minimum of Rs. 10,000 and in case no e-way bill is found, not only fine amounting twice the amount of tax or 50% of value of goods is payable but also goods and vehicle may be detained.

Incorrect or absence of e-way bill does not only lead to monetary loss but also affects relationship with customers. Let us why incorrect bills are generated and what can be solution to the same –-

Difficulties in E-way bill Generation -

1. Entering or copying of incorrect details while generating E-Way bill

E-Way Bill generation require various inputs like invoice number, transporter ID, document number and various other details. There's always a chance of human error in data entry and this may lead you to trouble.

2. Expiry of e-way bill before goods reach destination

There are many and obvious reasons that your fleet may not able be to reach to its destination on time. Engine failure, road condition, accidents, driver fatigue and tons of more can cause the expiry of E-Way Bill.

3. E-way bills once generated cannot be rectified

There is no such provision on government E-Way Bill generation portal to edit generated E-Way Bill. Irrespective of reasons, you cannot rectify E-Way Bill for any errors made. You have to cancel the current E-Way Bill and create a new e-way bill for smooth transportation of goods.

4. E-way bill validity not extended before expiry

There are many instances where the fleet doesn't reach its destination but E-Way Bill has expired. The transportation company and the business have to bear the penalties levied. It is mandatory that you should keep track of the goods transported and wherever necessary you should extend your E-Way Bill.

5. Too many to and fro visits to E-way bill portal

From preparing data to printing of E-Way Bill, we need to visit to government E-Way Bill portal multiple times. This not only creates delays in E-Way Bill generation but also increases chances of errors.

6. JSON handling issue if e-way bill generated through software

While generating E-Way Bills from govt. portal, we get JSON file. Handling JSON file or editing it to rectify mistakes before printing is very critical and technical job.

7. No reconciliation with GSTR 1 data

One needs to reconcile invoices as per GSTR 1 and e-way bill to ensure that no invoice has been missed for e-way bill generation. Timely corrective actions may be taken by the management or the businesses to ensure that e-way bill is generated for all eligible invoices.

1 Click E-Way Bill Solution to Generate, Cancel, Extend, Consolidate and Print From Your ERP Itself

The question arises how a business can resolve such issues in E Way Bill Generation, which affects the day-to-day functioning of businesses and that to within affordable cost. The solution is simple - GSTHero. GSTHero is cloud based software that provides the following features and resolves issues related to e-way bill –

1. Integration with existing ERP and e-way bill portal -

GSTHero integrates with your existing ERP and generates e-way bill from within the ERP without the need to exit the software, once your ERP is linked with GSTHero and E-way bill portal

2. One click e-way bill generation -

E-way bill can be generated in one click while preparation of invoice with GSTHero. Further, the details are auto-captured in e-way bill from invoice. No need to copy paste same details for e-way bill

3. Saves time -

A lot of time is wasted due to the number of times a business has to log into e-way bill portal for every e-way bill generation. GSTHero saves that time as e-way bill can be generated and printed from the ERP.

4. Auto-update / linking of e-way bill number with invoice -

Once an e-way bill is generated, e-way bill number is generated. Generally this number needs is not updated or manually updated in invoices. GSTHero auto updates E-way bill number in invoice once it is generated.

5. Bulk e-way bill generation -

Many invoices are generated by businesses in a day. Generation of e-way bill for every single invoice can be time consuming if one has to visit e-way bill portal continuously. GSTHero allows you bulk generation of e-way bill i.e. multiple e-way bills can be generated for multiple invoices in one click.

6. Notification before e-way bill expires -

There are number of activities a business has to undertake. It is not always possible for the business to track when an e-way bill will expire and if the goods pertaining to that e-way bill have reached its destination. In case the goods have not reached its destination and the e-way bill has expired, the same may result in penal issues for the businesses if the vehicle is inspected. GSTHero gives you a notification / reminder when an e-way bill is due to be expired. In such cases, e-way bill validity can be extended timely.

7. Real time error handling -

Any error that arises at the time of e-way bill generation like incorrect HSN code, customer GTSN, customer state code, etc. are immediately identified and handled by GSTHero

8. Identifies duplicate entry -

Where an e-way bill is generated for an invoice, GSTHero identifies such invoices for duplicate e-way bill generation right at the first step.

9. Data security -

GSTHero provides 100% security for the data and the same is also saved on the cloud if device / computers used the businesses are tampered or in case there is any loss of data.

10. No Json handling -

Certain ERP that allow e-way bill generate e-way bill require you to generate a Json file, upload the same on E-way bill portal and then take a print. Using GSTHero, one need not go through these steps. E-way bill is directly generated and printed through the software, thus, saving time and resources

11. Reconciliation of e-way bill and GSTR 1 -

GSTHero provides reconciliation of e-way bills generated and invoices as per GSTR 1. This report analysis helps a business to identify if e-way bill have not been generated for an invoice and the monetary impact that a business may have to bear.

Conclusion -

GSTHero solves the operational issues faced by a business for e-way bill generation that is directly linked with penal consequences a business may have to bear.

GSTHero is cloud based software which provides cost effective solutions for e-way bill and GST returns. GSTHero can be integrated with multiple ERPs available in the market which the saves the cost of purchasing new ERP. Further, GSTHero also provides quick support for any query that may arise while generating e-way bill or filing GST returns.


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