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Managing Your Time without setting priorities is like shooting randomly and calling whatever you hit is the target

Success is nothing more than an effective way of time management & allocation. If you know how to manage your time, then you can do more tasks & study in less time. In this topic, I will explain the Rule of 1/3 of time management which is followed by the world's top performers & even it helped me.

A. Spend 1/3 of your time in Planning, Managing, Filtering & Summarizing


Most of the time, we start doing hard work without proper planning; that's why we get nothing fruitful in the end. There should be a blueprint of your study plan in front of your study table as this will give direction to your study & it will save a lot of your time from thinking about what to study. Never get frustrated if plan A doesn't work as you still have plan B-Z make a new & move fast.


As we all know during these days; we study a lot, but if it is not saved in proper ways in your mind, then it will be difficult to recall when required. Do less but in properly managed ways. Some tips to manage your study: Manage your books in proper ways, Keep your environment clean & even keep yourself fresh always, keep only those books on the table which you are studying, print out relevant charts & paste them on walls, Fold the pages or mark an important point in books.

1/3 Rule of Time Allocation


You can't carry all the stuff if you want to travel long. You have to leave less important things to focus on more important things. We all make one common mistake, i.e. accumulating studies rather than filtering them. Even the pages which are not required or essential then tear it & throw in the dustbin. You will feel lighter when you do filter regularly. The truth is that no one wants to study too much, so be exam-oriented & do filtering. Filtering is leaving the thing which is not required or less important for your study.



You can't do full reading & going into detail again & again. You have to make a summary note which will save a lot of time. The summary helps you to do more revision in less time. Try to make summary notes by yourself. Otherwise, you can also prefer teachers.

B. 1/3 of Doing Hardcore study

This is the time where you have to give your full concentration without any disturbance. Inform your near & dears (who reside with you or with whom you spend most of your time) about your mission & vision. In this time give priorities to learn & revise the main concepts & make your base so secure. 


C. 1/3 of in Communicating

Only planning & hardcore study is not enough if you are not able to convey it to anyone. Don't forget that you are preparing for 3 hours written exam & whatever you have studied you have to make understood to the copy checker that you know the answer & is better compared to 9 other students (10% result assumed). Here, the meaning of communication is not to talk with friends only but even with yourself & anyone. If possible, request anyone in your family & friend to be your teacher till the exam, practice & revise all your studies with him/her. Give regular tests before the exam & try past year exam papers in the same exam environment, Solve other doubts, Recall & visualize answers, Teach others what you have been taught, Make charts & tables & Learn presentation skills, Record essential points in your voices in Mobile & listen again, Last but not least is practice & practice.

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