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Don't you think your career is your own choice? It is easy to blindly follow the mistakes of others. It is neither tough to take a call for yourself and act upon it. Sooner or later you are going to be responsible for your success or failure. Why not decide for yourself now?

It seems that the CA/CS/CMA student's community are so frightened nowadays of the results by the Institute that they are not able to actually believe in their own decisions to do or not to do something. That's why there is a herd mentality all over. Chalo bhai, Kaun apna dimmag lagaaye, Ye waha kia to apne bhi kar lo... So, agar wo doobe to fir aap bhi dooboge?

or is it like ... Tu Jahaan.. Main wahaan... Isliye, if that person doesn't pass then also Tu Jahaan.. Main Wahaan.

It's so surprising!

In this modern young-blood empowered country, if you can decide about where to shop, where to eat, where to watch movie, to whom to have friendship with, which Mobile Phone to Buy, what to wear and so then why can't you can decide where to study and what to study?

The blind followers fall mostly in a Chakravyuh.

(The vicious circle - it's easy to get in but very difficult to get out).

Some of them have preset things in their mind about their career and life goal and when they consult an elder who just super imposes his own view on him, the child gets puzzled and then the song automatically comes in

... "Give me some sunshine, Give me some rain.."

Youngsters have supracalifragilisticexpialidocious (meaning - extra-ordinary) capacity of accurate decision making. Haven't you heard of this that whenever the elders get confused on what to do and what not to, they come to their young ones to have a clear view.

After all, Bacche mann ke sacche..

Youngsters give correct and transparent opinions. The opinions of elders come from their cob-web kind of mind, the mind full of confusions. Full of sceptism. There is very less clarity. Fact is only 3 to 4% of elder above the age 23 plus, are able to make accurate decisions. In fact, those elders need someone to guide them.

My intention is not to malign any senior who had been guiding you religiously and accurately, but to make you self - capable of what you can do yourself.

I remember an incident when I was puzzled one day on how to make my Institute more reachable which I was comparing with the incident of the veteran actor Raj Kapoor, whose blockbuster hit movie Mera Naam Joker came into lime-light only after  his death, one of my student innocently responded that Sir, Itna jaldi naam thodi hi hota hai.. Kam se Kam 10 saal toh lagta hi hai. I strongly remember his words that motivates me every moment. Just imagine his decision making skill. He is so empowered within himself.

You all are. Not only him.

Remember taking decisions for others are easy but its very tough to decide for yourself!

I am appealing this to you to spread the words and help your friends, relatives, colleagues and others to make a wise decision for their future ahead first by themsleves. For a double check, seniors can be consulted.

 Take decisions for yourself. Don't sit and wait for anyone to come and guide you.

If you pass, people would say, Dekhaa Maine Bola Tha..
If you fail, people would again say, Dekhaa Maine Bola Tha..

So ultimately, it's your own effort.

Decision making is a simple process. This one time decision making is even more simple.

Just follow these simple steps:

1. What are your values or purpose of the decision?

E.g. - Are you studying  to learn values and ethics of life or to just getting your purpose solved? Think over it.

It is evident all over that student's are studying for the most serious exam of their  life  from the pirated videos.

When asked to a few of them that what are the advantages of it, we heard -

a. Cost Saving
b. No more travelling hassle
c. No tension of back up if missed.

Have you thought the consequences of these videos on your career? I can share some-

a. Old syllabus, sums, concepts - Every year, every teacher changes his way of teaching and curriculum.

b. No doubt clearance

c. No Mentoring and Interaction with your teacher- when it has been the custom that you used to meet your teachers first the day you passed.

d. No time bound pressure to study - Most of the students do not even complete the full syllabus

e. An attitude may develop of going ethically wrong to achieve the career with which you will live entire life.

f. No advantage of collaborative learning - that comes when you learn in class

g. No option of networking

My questions is - Why they are thriving for education then?

Think about the teacher whose pirated video you are watching. He has been thrown out from his own era of teaching where he had just started getting the fruits of his life long efforts. Does this matter to you?

If yes, then only go to the next step.

This helps you to find the alternate ways of reaching your goal.

2. What are the available options?

Research about the options on the internet, visit places, do some enquiry and then gather the data for different parameters, like financials, quality, time, long term support, convenience, people associated with the product, etc.

I am discussing this to make you understand that don't just decide on one factor. Jot down all important factors.

Generally we decide for our daily things based on it's price and luxury - long term utility things based on it's quality.

We use our calculations in buying almost every thing but then when it is buying education, why you rely on the Kahi suni...(herd mentality).

3. Tabulate the details


A Confused Student
for Costing tuition having options as:
  SJC Mr ABC Pirated Videos
Fees to Pay      
No. of Classes given      
Student Teacher Interaction      
Student Teacher Connection      
Coverage of Exams      
Capability to Solve any question      
Qualification of Teacher      
Video Back up facility      
Learning for values in life      
Ongoing support after the course      
Innovation/ Constant Improvement      
Detailed Industry Application – Worth of a Concept      

4. Evaluate the best one and go for it. Follow your own calculations than what others say.

Evaluation of all the alternatives are important. First, find the best among the options that you have noted. Now, the best is not the one that the others are saying. It's the one - you found best. Based on that best one's detail pick up the one that you had initially thought to avail. Find the additional weights you are getting in that one. If you are getting additional benefits than the best one, then go for it.

In our Costing Principles, we say it as evaluation on the basis of Opportunity Costs. This prevents future guilt on a decision -  Isse accha to wo kar leta.. It usually comes in mind, when you take a wrong decision. This feeling wouldn't come anymore when you have decided pragmatically. It would make you stand straight on execution of your decision.

Above all the most important parameter is the Urge - The Two Sided Need. As you know, no one can clap with his own hands. We need two people always who will put in efforts for a perfect sound. Similarly, before making a decision, you should see that how much the organisation also needs you than just getting in with your need.


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Satish Jalan
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