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Hi friends, Have you ever noticed that sometimes, even after you prepare well for the exams, you are unable to answer your question paper exactly the way you want to? Yes, you must have faced this situation.

Here, I am mentioning some of the reasons.

1) Focusing only on big chapters. Most of the students, from the first day of the preparation, focus only on the big chapters considering them as more important. They measure those chapters with the size of the marks. But, there's nothing so called important or unimportant in CA exams. Every topic is important from exam point of view.

For example: Students spend most of their time in preparing the topics like Amalgamation and Consolidation of accounts.

Solution: Prepare small topics as they are easy to understand and help you fetch marks easily in less time.

2) Ignoring theory. Now a days, practical kind of theory is asked in subjects like costing, accounting, etc. Theory is also important for exam purpose. You can't rely completely on practical topics. Students generally get bored while reading the complete theory continuously.

Solution: Prepare theory chapter wise while doing practical problems which will help you in gaining conceptual clarity and you will not find it boring.

3) Avoiding case laws. I have seen that mostly students don't study case laws in taxation subjects and leave them for last time study. And then, they don't find time to study them. Also, they think that reading of only provisions is sufficient to understand the provision and then solve practical problems. But, the case laws require a proper analysis of the provisions to understand them.

Solution: Read the case laws issued by the institute relevant for the exams and the RTP case laws well before the exams at least once, and write the decisions in one line for last time revision.

4) Solving only practice manual. Some students think that solving practice manual will be sufficient to prepare for exams. So, instead of going through the whole course, they complete only practice manual questions in a few subjects.

Solution: Never rely only on practice manual. At least, complete your course once, before solving practice manual. You will feel more confident.

The last and the most important thing I would like to say is -

Prepare the time table for the last day of revision for each and every subject. Institute provides at least one holiday before each exam. Make a study schedule in advance for that last day before exam and follow it. Last day revision, if done properly, boosts your energy level and your confidence.

I hope this article will help the students who are going to appear for the exams. Thanks.


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CA Saba Naaz
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