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Hello to the Members!

I’m writing this – to those who are set to write this May examinations – because I believe this will encourage you to keep your levels up. It is February now and you are in that period where things will start to look interesting. Anxiety, excitement, tension, stiffness all will be part of you right now and most of you will be giving your every-thing during the days leading up to May.

I passed the November 2012 Final exams (just about, as it was 400 exactly) and honestly, I felt everything which I’ve mentioned above.  I’m not here to advise you how to prepare because by now you are already settled in. I’m here to talk about certain intangible elements (some might say they are tangible) that will aid you in your preparations.

First things first, keep your spirits up. You will be planning to execute a certain activity or set of activities daily and there will be days when they might not materialise. These things happen to almost everyone and the key is to make sure the chips are not down on seeing the plan fall. So keep motivating yourself because you are the only one who knows what the reason for the setback was.

Number two, Keep the faith in God. He knows what you are doing. I’ve known people who prayed for me both before and after the exams and believe me, it does have an effect. Though I’m not the greatest worshipper (I don’t go to temples) in the world, there is always a conscious feeling that God will be with you always and given the best efforts you are putting in, there is supposed to be an end product that will justify that effort.

Three, keep the people around you happy. I know sometimes it is difficult as there may not be anyone near you when you are preparing. But even if you get an opportunity to spend a minute or two with someone close, make sure he/she is happy. Seeing someone smile makes you relaxed and that moment will make him/her to wish the best for you. Support of people is a massive factor and once you get that with you, those good vibes will result in a positive outcome.

Four, try and help those who are writing the exams with you or in the future. This does not necessarily mean Combined Learning. Help can be of various kinds. Even sharing a book you feel is likely to improve someone, can be of great use as there will be an honest thanks from your mate. Once your friend thinks that you are trying to help him genuinely then he will do things that can improve you, the least being thinking the best for you.

These things may not be the best that you may have heard. There is still the all important work of preparing sincerely. These are just the supporting factors that might make a difference at the end of the day. I’m a Cerebral Palsy blessed human. I know what support from people mean. I’ve basically had that kind of encouragement right from my childhood. The reason why I’m a Chartered Accountant today is because of the above mentioned reasons and of course TANGIBLE efforts. This forum is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a CA student and I wish everyone uses it to the benefit.

I wish everyone who is preparing, the best. Keep Smiling. smiley

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CA Sankar Ram
(Chartered Accountant)
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