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-A Research on Study Patterns adopted by one student - with added flavor-

**Presented By – CA Surendra Kumar Rakhecha**

Specially written for caclubindia users. 

Unbelievable marks are scored by most of the CA students. They think that we attempted the full paper; but marks are not up to mark – even 40s were not allotted ! 



Since nobody is there with whom they can discuss the reasons and correct
the mistakes hence the mistakes are not found. These remain hidden.

The result is - the same result as the previous one – again and again. 

It is really a very unfortunate state for the students and their parents. Parents
also can’t understand what are the faults with their children. But, if it analyzed with pen and paper; the mistakes can be revealed easily. 


On yesterday evening; one 118 kg. PCC 3 times failed student came to me for help. Despite having best coaching in Surat, he was unable to draw the “line of best fit” (read Cost Accounting, if required) to get the success. On

discussion; he disclosed that he is unable to conclude where is the mistake. I asked him certain questions and the following facts were revealed. Since I noted each and every discussion in front of him; hence he was satisfied.  

The question-answer session was as under :

            Question                                              Answer

1. What is your major drawback      :   Lack of Concentration, Sir ! 

2. Why                                            : ? 
                                                           (to know this; I have come here)
3. (From reaction of Q 2)-

I asked - because you think that
you have already read all the
materials                                            : Yes

4. (Noting the misconception)-

Do you think that you are good in DT: No
5. (Judging his genuineness)-

a. Do you have any bike                     : Yes

b. When you learned riding,
  were you confident in a week?          : Yes, but……no....in a month, I think...

c. Whether learning was interesting     : Yes, of course !

d. When you learned it well; then I
think the Riding became boring           : No… it became more interesting.

e. Why                                               : ? .. You know.. it is interesting !
                                                            (Why you ask such question?)
f. Do you agree that learning is 
interesting whatever is the area           : Ya 

g. Do you learn while you read            : ? Can’t say….but may be…

h. You read subjects because these     : Ya
are in the syllabus                                 (What a foolish question?)

i. It means whatever you read;            : Something we  learn….
there is no learning                               (here “we” represents all CA students?)

j. Do you think – that “something”
is enough to pass                                 : ? 
                                                             (Neither yes nor no)

k. (Looking to his weight, I presumed)

In how many activities you participated
in your school/college days                   : ? 

                                                              (Not Applicable to me, see my weight !)

l. Say subjectwise marks you scored     : Not sure, but sure that these are poor. 

                                                             (Lack of concentration proved-See Q 1 !)

m. Give me your last Roll No.                : 16yz
(so that I can check on net)

n. I checked; but Name was different : …………..(loss of memory for time being)
(although Roll No. was correct 
which he told-he verified also)

o. I asked – It is not yours, then?          : Sir, try 16zy3

p. I tried                                                : and the attempt was successful !

q. These are the marks 
scored by you                                       : Ya, (consistently 30 to 35) 

                                                                (in all the subjects, all the time!) 

r. Do you come from English Medium?    : Ya 
                                                                (very fluent in English!) 

s. Where do you live                              : ( Replied )  

t. How many members are there            : Only 3 
                                                                (idiot question !)

u. Do you have friends who are
pursuing CA                                           : No

v. Do you use internet                           : Ya

w. Which sites                                        : ….just for chatting !

x. Do you know caclubindia                   : No 
                                                               (My club is different – it’s different !)

Although full alphabets were not covered in the questionnaire, but I concluded that the letters “yz” have been properly covered when I asked his Roll No. (See point number o above).

Not a single point was there where I could give him some marks ( although I am liberal, you can presume - from my above statement) Can readers tell me now where was he lacking ? 

Try yourself in all the above questions and note down your study patterns to discuss it in length with your friend circle…………... 

If we take the above questions as asked in an Examination, we will conclude that mostly he has given correct answers. 

Fully Correct : 1, 3, 5 (a, b, c, d, f, h, l, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w)
(Yes is treated as a correct answer)

Wrong : 4, 5 ( i, m)
(No is treated as a wrong answer)

Not Knowing : 2, 5 (e, g, j, k, n, x)
(? .is considered as left unattempted)

(Readers are free to make any type of analysis…..but, I am sure that the result would be one and same).

On the above analysis; I ask one question; whether he should be declared successful merely because he has given most of the answers correct one and rest can be ignored…….

Sixer on Last Ball ! 

After a live discussion as above; although he we was confident because he realized his mistakes.

He supposed to ask me so many questions when he came, but unfortunately he was caught and forced to give answers which he always disliked – already harassed by the institute to ask such silly questions !. 

At last, he put his master stroke on ME -

Sir, I want to pass CA at any cost; tell me - what should I do ?

(Readers - Tell me, what should I do?)

Please help me; I am lacking concentration….. My position is like …..(See Q 1).

Moral : 

If there is a lack of learning, non participation and no discussion; then subjects become non-interesting which leads to lack of concentration and if there is “a lack of concentration”; your “Lacs of Efforts” are useless.

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(Practising CA at Surat)
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