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I quit CA and shattered the dreams of my parents.

Being a meritorious student in Class 12 who scored 90% marks in accountancy and maths, it was a golden opportunity for me to make a bright career in the chartered accountancy field – probably the toughest finance examinations in the Indian education system.

After scoring 80% in CPT exam (CA Foundation), I climbed one ladder up in achieving the dream. 

After clearing both groups of the executive level (IPCC) in one attempt, I was on cloud nine. I was loving this romantic relationship with number crunching.

However, it began a 3 year long period of rigorous struggle, nil appreciation and over-burdened work as the articleship (internship) started.

I realised that it wasn’t a love towards numbers, rather an infatuation that was now diminishing, faster than I understood.

I started writing articles and stories during the CPT time in my free time. However, things were changing as the attention diverted from numbers to words.

I pursued my articleship whole-heartedly but in between lost the willingness to become a Chartered Accountant.

Without any concentration, I studied for the final papers, sat in the exams couple of times, however, got failed in both the attempts.

Finally, with all the courage I could gather, I decided to quit CA to pursue my passion for writing.

'Dad, I want to quit CA because it isn’t something I want to do all my life', I conveyed the decision to my dad, one fine evening.

'Are you sure? Do you think you can survive by writing for an entire life?', he asked very gently.

'Not sure, but I don’t want to be a CA either. At least, I would stay happy pursuing my passion', I put forward my logic.

'Ok, go ahead', were his final words at the end of that discussion.

I quit CA, but in the process, I shattered the dreams of my parents who expected me to be the first Chartered Accountant of my family and earning high package in a multinational company.

'What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger' – I follow this quote very religiously.

I disappointed my parents by killing their expectations, but that provided a different sort of energy to me to pursue the passion more strongly. I started writing blogs, articles and other kinds of content.

Not only this, I even used some of the time in making a personal brand on Linkedin.

What was the mistake that I committed?

Not persisting with CA when I was failing - Had I stick to CA and studied with double concentration and determination, I would have cleared it in a few attempts and get placed in a multinational company, earning a decent package.

For some people, it is like their biggest dream come true – prefixing 'CA' to their name.

Do I regret the mistake?

Hell, no. I am living my life happily, not because I quit CA, but because I am pursuing my passion.

In the last few years, I have worked with the top-notch brands including IIT Bombay, IIM Bengaluru, ClearTax, Avalara etc.

I have leveraged Linkedin to reach more than a million users monthly, without spending a single penny. I have delivered several sessions in colleges, startup meets and other platforms on content marketing, Linkedin leveraging and entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s my recent pic from Kumar Memorial Awards – where I won the first prize in the public speaking competition that featured more than 20 entrepreneurs and working professionals from the entire country.

What is my message to all the readers?

Committing mistakes in life is okay. We all do it. Some mistakes give us new opportunities; others give us new learnings. However, every mistake makes you a better individual. So, don’t regret if you commit a mistake – because it means you are learning every day.

Also, it is okay to quit sometimes. Persistence is good, but not at the cost of killing you inside. Also, don’t stop because you can’t find any way or someone else in your network has left and still succeeded.

Instead, figure out what works best for you, trust your gut feelings and then make a decision.

What is that one mistake that you don’t regret committing in life? Shoot your answers in the comment section below.


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Hardik Lashkari
(Content Writer)
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