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Hello friends..


Very often I hear from my friends and juniors that it very difficult to memorize anything. It is very tough to keep all the stuffs in the brain. Especially at the exam times it becomes very tough for the candidates and server of brains of many are down at that moment.


It is true that everyone do not have the same capacity to learn the things. If you go through it also then it is not very easy to keep all the materials in the brain.


I will like to share with you few things which helped me during my exams:


Planning This is a very vital area. You have to plan your every move before the exams. The exams are almost like the war field which cannot be won without homework. As per capacity level allocate time to every subject. I observed that each student take different time as per their capability to complete a topic. It cannot be strictly said that this paper should be given this much time. Judge your capability, discus with your closed ones and plan your timings accordingly.


Multiplicity This refer to taking number of subjects each day. From my personnel experience I find that we should take at least 4 subjects daily for study. The time to be given to each subject should not be more than 2 hours (on the higher side). This helps in improving retaining power. Very often it is observed that a student pays more attention to a particular subject in which he/she is having interest. But friends this is not a correct approach for the professional exam. One should pay an equal attention to all the subjects. Go for it and you will obviously find the difference.


Revision This is very important in the sense you have to write in the exam what you have learned. More the revision you do better you write in the exam unless you area genius. Friends I have observed that revision time decreases in geometric progression. So if it is also with you then you can relax, it means you are doing the revision properly. It is not correct to say that 2 or 3 revision is appropriate. The number of revision depends on you.


Making Notes I remember during my CA Final two papers were very difficult for me to memorize; one was MICS and other was Law. What I did I started making notes for this subjects by putting paper strips between the pages and then summarizing a particular topic or chapter on a single sheet. I marked the topics with highlighter which I felt to be must read before your exams. I wrote the term in which a question was asked from that topic on its side. All this helped me cut down the size of the subject by a significant level. This helped me to save time during my exams. Before exam only those topics should be touched once covered by you and you feel that is important.


Save time This is related to wastage of time on unnecessary topics and wasteful stuffs. What we see many times that if a particular topic is interesting we carry on that for a long time. This is purely a waste of time. Restrict your time you spend on a particular topic. Dont stick to any thing on which you already have a command. Always remember that each second you waste costs you in the form of marks.


This are few of the general things which I wanted to share with you. Hope so you it will help you.


Best of Luck.


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