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How to do Self study

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 03 January 2011  

May be because I did self-study so it could be reason  for my eagerness to write upon this article. A person may choose to self-study by his own wish, by financial problem or by forceful circumstances.

In any of the case you choose to self-study then please accept it that it was your choice to do so otherwise you can also leave CA or find another way.

So here come the common mistakes what we usually do----

Negative thoughts even of ours or it can be of another one we use to give them a high preference.. like in my own case my friends said me that its tough yaar ..too tough . and I really heard them and didn't even try to open my book on that topic . it took too long to overcome my own fear at that moment. This fear removed when I gave myself a try and look over the scanner. it was not actually so tough as I thought.

So my piece of advice will be don't believe until you see yourself.

Good books -- this is something really very important. I wasted a lot of time upon it.if you choose right  kind of book your half of problem is solved automatically. For example I did study material , ashish kalra then R.P.Rustogi but still I couldn't understand anything may be because am just an average student. Finally I switched to Rajesh makkers notes for FM they were awesome and gave me confidence to attempt the exam properly.

It would be good to check out the whole list of books suggested by friends and all in market and decide  according. to your own skills.

Imp topic---- when you do self study its kind of tendency to see huge course and seeing all this ..all of the courage to self study gone . you don't even realise what's going wrong ..why are not you up to mark. So first refer those topic which r fixed in exams and fetch you good base of marks for passing. This will ultimately boost your confidence to do self study.

Use scanner to find out the imp topics.

Advice--- self study doesn't mean tht you cant take suggestion or advice from anyone. Wherever you feel that you unable to do things in right manner ..take advice from elders or find other study material for reference. For example I had taken munish bhandari book in law but in ethics and communication I had referred notes which I downloaded from ca club.

Inspiration --- whenever do self study its a kind of of negative feeling also get started bt in my case my bhaiya is my source of inspiration who had done self-study and also passed in his first attempt. So whenever I feel myself low..i just thought of my bro , like if he can do it then why not I ? because tough to uske liye bhi tha na when he did it successfully I can also do it .

Discipline --- that become too complicated . because when I study I have a habit of studying 3 days and then 4 days was tough to cover . I would suggest to make a diary of every day and note your activity . it will help you define your study plan accordingly.

Difficult topic --- this is another thing to stop study pace. Special it become very complicated  to handle . because when we have to face difficult topic we use to curse ourself like what to do ? well please don't b so upset because its the real test of your selfstudy.

So to tackle this use your own abilities ..

  • use out of box thinking. make shortcut to learn things .
  • spl imp on those points which you tend to forget every time .
  • don't strain yourself to study something. if you cant do that then change the topic.

Ego---- please take this point at side if you don't know anything feel free to take help from elders. I was too stubborn to admit it.bcz in my time when I face problems 15 times then 1 time I use my bro help. So this is the really bad point because I wasted too much time on this stupidity.

Test --- this is the most imp thing in which we get week when we do self study . we do work hard but forget to assess ourself . this is the main lacking in self study.i remember my X class line when I started selfstudy---

TEST yourself because it defines where you are ,,, and make a way 2 to go where you want to be .

Fear--- its a normal feeling that when your test r not good, you tend to b low. So don't fear at that time because now you can recover but in exam time you cant .so convince yourself you have nothing to lose now only you will get benefitted if you find your mistakes now.


To conclude everything I can say just it ---

If your heart is wishing you will find 100 ways for doing it otherwise you will find 101 reasons to avoid it.



Palak singh

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Member (Account Deleted)
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