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'Whatever it takes!' the avengers swear.

And so begins the epic finale. The culmination of our beloved heroes’ endeavours to end the evil once and for all - with a resounding Snap!

And trust me; the perilous quest that a CA student undertakes to earn the mighty crown of ‘CA’ is nothing short of seeking out the Infinity stones! Stakes are high. Odds are low. But rewards – as majestic as Iron Man wielding the mighty stones and snap-securing the glory!

'This is gonna work, Steve,' says Natasha.

'I know it is, cause I don't know what I'm gonna do if it doesn't...' replies Captain America.

The punch-line embodies the optimistic spirit a CA student should possess; the willingness to try…once again…to beat every defeat no matter what it takes.    

Failure in not Final: Despite failing to stop the brutal Thanos from wiping out half of all Life, it was not in the Avengers’ temperament to give up. 'Some people move on…but not us!' quips Captain America. The remark couldn’t have been more profoundly impactful. Yes, failure is integral to every journey. It took the avengers five long years to figure out an epic plan to undo the seemingly inevitable snap. They took the risks and it paid off. Grandly and splendidly. 

Never say Never: Yes you might not have hit your hammer on the anvil despite several CA exam attempts, but no matter what, do not ever step into the shoes of God of Thunder - Thor, and become obese and depressed! Yes, at times, failures do send us off our track, but remember that Thor, even in his despairing low, was still worthy of the mighty Hammer! Yes, you can still wield your hammer and swing it to success!

Believe in your own karma: Mark those beautiful lines Thor’s mother puts in: Everyone fails at who they're supposed to be, Thor. The measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are . You have to stop imitating or impersonating what other folks might be doing, and focus on your own strengths, intuition, and believe in your efforts you have put in to crack the CA exams.

Go Smart Hulk:  Heavens forbid, do not go on smashing and ripping off the pages of your CA books like Hulk does! Instead, keep your cool and channelize your energies to creative arena. Control your Gamma-Anger to get yourself transformed like the new avatar of Hulk – Conscious and Confident.

Re-plan, Re-think: Brainstorm your options just like the Avengers do with respect to time-travel dynamics. As yourself: What went wrong? What more possibilities might be lurking around? Talk with those who have cleared CA exams. Kaizen –continuous striving for improvement is the mantra. Just like Iron Man suits up with improved tech every time, you need to improve your skill sets – be it taxation, accounting, etc - to eventually earn the Stones!

Part of the Journey is the End: So says our beloved Iron Man. The end is transient. It’s the journey that goes on with many ‘ends’ you might experience. Clearing your CA finals is definitely a satisfying ‘End’, if you must. However, one needs to take up further challenges and keep going up the road.

So, don your suit and gear yourself up for any Endgame you might encounter during your CA journey. I would conclude just like Captain America would have said: CA Students: Assemble !

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Automated Data Entry into Tally, Zoho Books, Quickbooks
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