Walking on Air

Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)

12 October 2010  

That day, we were walking on air,
watching you take your first baby steps.
Our first born, taking his very first steps alone;
No prouder could we have been yet.

Walking with you those few blocks,
to your first day of kindergarten;
we held your hand all the way,
and still didn't want to let go of you then.

All of a sudden you were thirteen,
and it was the night of Sixth grade graduation.
Dad could not hide his very proud smiles,
and Mom of course shed her tears of emotion.

Junior Prom, and all dressed up;
you were so nervous, but beaming.
So grown up and handsome in your tux,
we thought we must have been dreaming.

Off to college and dormitory life,
a dream we always had for you.
So much was there for you to enjoy,
and more for you to learn too.