Tax saving for salaried people - not the regular sections

Ars (Manager) (44 Points)

23 November 2022  

I am posting an open topic, I understand that this is broad area and also subjective but nevertheless can be useful for many people. And this is the best forum to get expert answers.

For a salaried employee with no other income. What are the tax saving options available?

The usual list that we see on the internet are

  • 80C - Insurance, EPF, PPF, ELSS etc...
  • 80D, 80DDB  - medical insurance and meds
  • 80CCD (1) (1B) - NPS
  • Section 10 HRA
  • Housing loan, loss on property or related
  • LTA.

The above are usual advice we get from other usual forums. Apart from the above list are there any other sections or approaches that could be of help for individual salaried employee to save on tax ?

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