Social Networking Statistics (Facebook)

CA AYUSH AGRAWAL (Kolkata-Pune-Mumbai) (26986 Points)

31 January 2013  


Percent of People Who Use Social Networks Percent Yes
Do you ever use / have a profile on… (Poll Taken in early 2012)
Any social network 56 %
Facebook 54 %
LinkedIn 13 %
Twitter 10 %
Google+ 8 %
Social Network Statistics Data
Total number of Facebook users worldwide 1.2 Billion
Total percentage of 18-24 year olds who already use social media 98%
Total percentage of people on Earth who use Facebook 11%
Total amount of minutes people spend on Facebook every month 700 billion
Average amount of time a person uses Facebook per month 15 hours 33 minutes
Total amount of people who access Facebook with phone 250 million
Total amount of websites that have integrated with Facebook 2.5 million
Total pieces of content shared on Facebook each month 70 billion
Total amount of unique YouTube users per month 490 million
Total amount of YouTube page views per month 92 billion
Total amount hours spent on YouTube per month 2.9 billion
Total amount of articles hosted by Wikipedia 17 million
Average pictures uploaded to Flickr per minute 3,000
Total amount of pictures hosted by Flickr 5 billion
Average amount of tweets per day 190 million
Percent of teenagers who log on to Facebook over 10 times per day 22%
Percent of Facebook users under the age of 10 25%
Percent of teens that view social networks as unsafe 59%
Percent of Americans who aren’t confident in their ability to use privacy settings 24%
Top ten most engaged countries for social networking  Average Hours Per Month
Israel 11.1
Argentina 10.7
Russia 10.4
Turkey 10.2
Chile 9.8
The Philippines 8.7
Colombia 8.5
Peru 8.3
Venezuela 7.9
Canada 7.7
United States 7.6