Sania Mirza:-The truely Indian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amit Ingale (Student CA Final) (1454 Points)

31 March 2010  

What's happneing ??????????????????? Where we are Heading ???????????  

This the the indication to All those person "who all say that "we love India"" to thing over again


Jus think about the "Miss Sania Mirza - The Tennis sesntaion of India".

Now sania Mirza (An Indian), marrying to a pakistani national (A Non-Indian), and Planned to stay in Dubai , UAE (A Out of India) after her marraige.


The , sania Mirza, is having all the thing (Name, Fame and Money) because she has been representing India (Being an Indian).


And Now, the great Gift to india, in return of all this By "The great Miss Sania mirza".


Not to forget that , she said that she will stay play for India.


Very Very sad moment for "India" and "All Indian"

Thank you Very Very much "Miss Saina Mirza" :/ :( :/

Please stop making joke of India....................... ;(



Amit Ingale.


"People may have other Views, so do i have.  After all we have freedom of "Speech" and "Exrepssion as fundamental Rights given by constitution of India"


You also excercise your Right here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!