Re: call on partly paid up shares

SANTOSH SHAH (Company Secretary) (754 Points)

31 October 2012  

Dear Members, 

A, Pvt Ltd Company had made an 5 lakh allotment of shares of Rs.10/- at Rs.5/- and the amount was partly paid up  

( Rs.10/- Share paid up only Rs.5/-). Hence the Company master data shown Paid up capital accordingly 

Form 2 for the same is filed.  and the same Paid up capital is shown in Annual filings.

Now company wants to call up the remaining amount of Rs.5/- per share.


Is it required to file Form -2 again ?? Its not a fresh allotment but for earlier allotment , remaining call money call up.

Filing of Form -2 will mean making fresh allotment where as the case is not so.

Please solicit your views.



Santosh Shah