ITR2-Getting validation error saying quarterly breakup of lottery income not matching

Ashish Singhal (Senior Engineer) (44 Points)

30 September 2021  

Hi All,

1) I have downloaded the latest ITR offline utility 2 days back and after filing my divident income and then giving quarterly divident split such that totals match, I am getting an error saying "In Schedule OS, Sl No 10, the quarterly income by way of winning from lotteries, corssword etc, referred to in Section 2(24) (ix)  (i + ii + iii+ iv + v) is not equal to Sl No 2a winning from lotteries, crossword puzzle etc chargeable 115BBDTAA 115BB respectively".  I have zero income from lottery and I entered  0 in quarterly breakup and also in Sl no 2a but still getting the error. Tried entering 1 each in quarterly break and then putting 5 in section 2a but still get the mismatch error. Can anyone pls help.

2) I have already paid the self assessment (including the 234A interest for july and sep that the system showed) and now tax liability is showing as nill. So if I am not able to submit the ITR2 by today (Sep 30), I wont be charged any 234A interest for Oct right as I have already cleared all the outstanding on Sep 28. Pls confirm.

I am a senior citizen and a bit tensed about not able to file my ITR2. Pls reply asap

Thx a lot,
Ashok Kumar Singhal