Ignou b.com(a&f) confusion... 1 year or 3 years?? plz read..

Abhishek Mishra (Student) (32 Points)

08 June 2013  

I was cheching out web to get some info on the B.com(A&F) program.
many sites say this "Besides students can claim exemption from the study of subjects already studied in CPT and IPCC and also acquire B.Com degree in just one year by earning 32 credits."
was delighted to have read this so I searched about this 32 credit thing and how to earn them & came across this url   now this says that the course duration is minimum 3 years & maximum 6 years. 
So I'm confused which is the correct one? 
In short how long will it take me to become a graduate(get the b.com degree) after passing IPCC and registering with IGNOU for the above mentioned program, if I pass the ignou exams in very first attempt? will it take 3 years(those of the articleship training) or only 1 or 2 year(s) of the articleship or I will get the degree after completion of the CA course??
PLZZZ HELP indecisionis there any CA or student who has undergone the aforsaid b.com program??
tnx in advancesmiley