If buyer refuse to give c form then how to dispach equipment

Saif (Manager) (26 Points)

13 March 2012  

Dear All,

Thanks in advance :)

Our company has a project in which we have to resell a product in Punjab Jalandhar which we have purchased from our OEM and we have to install that equipment there now please let me know if the buyer refuses to provide C form or any documents like road clearance and TIN No. then how can we dispatch the equipment there in Jalandhar from Delhi.

Suppose we purchased it in Rs. 100 ( We have paid 12.5 % vat on this purchase)

We sold it to them in Rs. 110 + (How much TAX as they are not providing C Form)

Installation Charge Rs. 5

Frieght Charge Rs. 4

What is the legal process to dispach the equipments so that nobody will fine while transporting.

What % of tas we should charge and where to submit it ?