How to deal with a work gap post qualification?

Dharmesh Ahuja (CA) (21 Points)

03 August 2017  

I am a CA of may 2012. I worked for 1.5 yrs post qualifying till december 2013. There is a work gap from 2014 till now. During this gap i was not doing anything related to CA work. Now i wish to go back to CA work (certain job, which i was doing till 2013). I am finding it difficult to deal with the interviews and also there are so many changes which have happned in this period which i am not aware of, i feel it almost impossible to get the track of all these changes theoretically.

How should i deal with the interviews and explain my sitution to them?  What might be the right job for me? I have already given 9 interviews in different companies in the past month.