Help in Career Decision

karan krishnamurthy (15 Points)

03 March 2021  

I am a Chartered Accountant,27 yrs qualified in Nov 2020(second group) with really good marks and exemptions in three out of 4 subjects. I gave and cleared my first group in Nov 2018 with exemption in FR. Overall I took quite some time to clear my CA . Now, through some known sources I got my CV sent across all the big4. I got a call from them too but for statutory audits. My interest and passion is towards internal audit/Due diligence / Risk Advisory services and this is what I want to pursue as my career option. I mentioned my interests to them and they said they will forward my request to the HR.

So my question is should I accept their offer for statutory audits ( in which I am least interested but still accept it as the offer is from a Big4 )  or wait for them to respond with any risk advisory vacancy with a uncertainty of when the HR will come back and whether they will come back or not and the fact that I am 27 yrs old ?

Please help me in resolving my query