Stu (student) (295 Points)

06 September 2009  

As you know, this June' s Pe-2 results have been horrible. I have cleared group two of PE-2 in 2008, and I wanted to know what I can do to start articleship. The latest IPCC notification says we can enroll now and appear in 2009 Nov. , but what type of exemption will i get?? Because in IPCC there are 4 papers in group 2! Tax I have already cleared in PE-2 , will I have to do all these again? Will exemption be group wise or paper wise?

And what about articleship? In IPCC, those who pass group 1 will start articleship after results are declared. But for the PE-2  group 2  pass students, can we start articleship on the basis of group two passing?

And will we be allowed to switch even if we have exhausted 5 attempts? Please help me out, as the date for taking a decision is very close. Thank you very much.


Stuti S