Failed CPT for the 6th time! Should i continue?

Rahul (CPT>>IPCC>>??) (121 Points)

03 January 2011  

Hi friends, this is Rahul. Im embarressed to say that i've failed CPT 6 times & this time i've attempted again. I've attempted 150 questions and im not sure whether i'll clear it this time or not.

I am a science student. I did my PU in science stream but then i planned to change my field since i didnt want to continue with engineering. I chose CA. ( I dont know if it was the biggest mistake of my life or its the best thing i ever did. Fate will decide).

I joined CA course after PU and joined as well in correspondance. is easy and its going on smoothly. Currently im in the final year and my scores are pretty good. Initially i couldnt grasp accounts much since it was a total alien to me but now i can manage something.

I've always been getting a score around 80-100 in CPT. I took it lightly initially but then recently i started taking it seriously since i realized that ill be no where if i dont complete CA or at least have a masters degree.

Since i dint have much accounting practical knowledge, i joined a good accounting company where all kina accounts are handled and there's auding as well. So now i have a brief idea of what actually accounting work is.

i'd like to continue CA and clear the exams somehow and it starts with CPT. Do u guys think im on the right path?
Do u think i should change my field and forget CA (I really dont wanna do that since i like the subject and the course and i have a feeling that i will excel one day).

Im planning to leave office and study at home for the next online attempt if i dont clear it this time.
Please suggest and help me chose the right path.

Thank you for reading. Expecting a reply.