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Failed CPT for the 6th time! Should i continue?

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V$p$n (F C A) (86 Points)
Replied 03 January 2011

Hey Rahul,

I think you are so depressed and scared.

Just ignore everything and listen the voice of your heart, what you want to do? Now you are pursuing B.COM so i would suggest continuing with CA and to work like an ANT.

Just work work work and work, u will get which you deserves. Just work hard and enjoy the life never feel depressed in any condition some one is here to help you out.

 Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

Keep smiling :)

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Originally posted by : RADHIKA JALAN

agree wid imran n sneha..

 i too agree

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Dheeraj (Learner) (1100 Points)
Replied 04 January 2011

its time to think

whether u want to continue CA or not,

everybody will say u to try hard, do hardwork, etc. etc.

but if u questioned to a PE-II student or a CA-Final old course student, he/she will never suggest u to come in CA,

there r so many other courses, u can join

CA is not so simple as u r thinking, and CPT is just the enterance level,

just try once more, if u can

otherwise leave it

just think practically, when u will complete it and start earning....


Choice is urs

either u want to be serious to ur life or to waste time and money

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Suresha R (Chartered Accountant) (1166 Points)
Replied 04 January 2011

Keep tring,


Attempt 200 question.

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sarvada (article) (34 Points)
Replied 04 January 2011

I would say just listen to your heart, if you really believe that you are capable of doing it,then keep it up.

just try to find out were you lacked last time, and try to overcome it.try harder.




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Neha Godbole (Studdent-CA IPCC) (24 Points)
Replied 05 January 2011

I think what Imran saidis perfectly right.you have to chsnge your approach. If you are really sincere and dedicated no one can stop you from achieving your goal, even our Institute! You should concentrate on your studies & if you are conceptually not clear then take help of students who are in commerce stream right from beginning. friends can help you in better way rather than teachers sometimes. Best of luck for results....!

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You can surely do it with confidence....

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shinoj (ab) (1201 Points)
Replied 05 January 2011

@ Rahul..

depends what u could do  n etc.well CPT is very easy if u taking time thne ca final might even be tougher..beielve u can join some engineering college n become Software engineer..u will earn more than avearge CAs..doing engineering is pretty easier than CA..also if can not clear even CA final  1 group everything go in vein..

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Deeejey (May'11: The Final Assault in making of CA)   (201 Points)
Replied 05 January 2011

Would you like to be called as Looser????

if yes: leave it and do something else,


read my profile: about me


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Rahul (CPT>>IPCC>>??) (121 Points)
Replied 11 January 2011

Thank you everyone for your valuable time. Thanks a lot! U people have inspired me. Im gonna wait for my results and if i clear im lucky, im gonna prepare for IPCC and if i dont, im gonna prepare for CPT again and give my best this time, study in a strategic way and clear it.

Those who are preparing for IPCC, are you guys working somewhere and preparing for IPCC or dedicating your full time for IPCC?

Paras kumar sharma (consultant C.A(Final 2nd group) CWA(fianl)LLB student)   (84 Points)
Replied 14 January 2011

quitter never win and winner never quit...apna tarika change karo...i think u r winner..thats way u choose CA curriculum..keep on..
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Rahul (CPT>>IPCC>>??) (121 Points)
Replied 21 January 2011

Even this time i dint clear CPT. I got 99 this time. Such a dissapointment. Anyways im gonna apear again this time online.Hopefully ill clear. Well i got 99 that doesnt mean im dumb or im not trying.. i dont know y im flunking like this but this time ill try again n surely pass. 

Rahul (CPT>>IPCC>>??) (121 Points)
Replied 21 January 2011

Thanks for all yo messages guys.I dint expect so many ppl to reply and view my post. Thanks a lot for the motivation and support.


am also from science background ... just now finished my 12 th ... i too failed dis tym ... am fling bad as am a hardworker and am gud rank holder in my schooling  ... anyway no worries let us start studying properly from 2mrw baiya ... u giv me time table and make me study ... if u make me study for sure u ll also start study na .. v ll pass cpt dis tym together ...

Rahul (CPT>>IPCC>>??) (121 Points)
Replied 21 January 2011

Dear Lakshmi,

Now since you have opted CA, dont risk it by not joining a degree course simultaneously. Join B.com or Bbm in correspondance so that ull at least have a degree after 3 years from now. Simultaneously u can do CA.

Thanks for the support. Im just waiting for the notification of online exam this time.

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